Arkham integrates Chainlink Functions to revolutionize data security

Arkham Intel Exchange is making significant progress in the field of technology, and it has added Chainlink Functions to its system. The integration of said algorithm will result in an intelligence verification process that is both decentralized and secure. By teaming up with Chainlink, they have taken a critical step away from depending on centralized systems that ultimately render greater credibility for data in the blockchain community.

Chainlink Functions establishes an extra, decentralized stratum connecting the smart contract that remunerates successful intel submitters with the Arkham Foundation’s intel verification. The new system does not require a central oracle. Instead, it uses a decentralized oracle network (DON), which is the most suitable method for achieving the high reliability and security required for the verification of information. 

The development of Chainlink Functions was a response to the Arkham whitepaper’s concerns, specifically focusing on the intelligence oracle problem, which highlights the potential danger of relying on centralized data verification systems.

This latest development is based on a previous announcement from the Arkham Intel Exchange that will be taking advantage of Chainlink Functions to automate data sourcing and processing. The initial transmission of endpoint label data onto the blockchain was facilitated by a technology that intended to enable decentralized application (dApps) developers to access and utilize Arkham’s data. By maintaining on-chain data availability, Chainlink is bridging the divide between developers and application integration of real-world data.

The latest update allows for the integration of Arkham labels into the blockchain through the use of Chainlink Functions. This implies that a user can improve the chances of successful interaction between the blockchain address and a physical owner by directly entering the address and getting the needed information from the blockchain. This refinement makes things easy and improves customer satisfaction.

In the future, the Arkham Intel platform aims to expand the range of information it offers on the blockchain network. In addition to enhancing the expressive capabilities of existing decentralized applications, this stimulates the creation of novel, alternative applications for trusted data. Arkham strives to broaden the pragmatic uses of data through the continuous expansion of adiabatic data authentication. Furthermore, this will facilitate the development of intricate, self-sufficient, and secure blockchain applications.

The ongoing Chainlink association is instrumental in establishing Arkham’s strategic approach to delivering the most advanced technology to its clients. As this integration progresses, it will reveal novel opportunities for both developers and users, thereby solidifying Arkham’s position as the frontrunner in blockchain innovation.

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