Arkham integrates the TRON Network

Arkham and TRON have further built on their partnership by completing the integration of the TRON Network into Arkham. This facilitates the users of Arkham to examine the activities on the blockchain. For TRON DAO, this ensures increasing transparency for all users.

The community has responded favorably to this announcement by TRON DAO by either expressing congratulations or confidence in the network’s rising popularity.

TRON and Arkham had earlier announced a partnership with the objective of fulfilling Arkham’s vision. That is, to achieve Total Crypto Intelligence across the blockchain segment. This vision may be a far-fetched one; nonetheless, it is crucial in the hopes that the industry will continue gaining traction as people all over the world recognize its power.

The announcement was made in mid-March 2023, informing people that it would be switched on later in the year. Now that they have announced the integration, it helps Arkham users review the activities of entities and wallets in the TRON ecosystem. This is over and above the existing ecosystem of Optimism, BNB Chain, Ethereum, Base, and Avalanche.

TRON and Arkham fueled wonders when they first announced the partnership. The most recent one regarding the integration only goes on to mark it as a significant step, or rather, an extension of the significant step that was taken in March 2023.

Per the earlier announcement, the partnership between them serves two key objectives:

  • It demonstrates the commitment of Arkham to better serve the markets.
  • Helping the ecosystem provide total coverage of the blockchain world

Asian markets remain a crucial part of the mission and the TRON – Arkham partnership.

Moreover, TRON and Arkham collaboration will introduce legibility and access to blockchain technology.

While a brief announcement was made by TRON DAO, Arkham has gone far to explain how it serves the entire community. Informing everyone about the partnership, Arkham has highlighted that it will enable them to access real-time blockchain analytics. 

TRON users on Arkham will be able to see what top traders are doing on TRON, thereby helping them understand how trade-related decisions are made and how one responds to the ever-changing market. Users will be able to set live alerts for transactions that are happening on TRON while also tracking their own portfolios based on historical performance.

Simply put, traders can go back in time to see what decisions they made and what geared them to take those decisions and improve their trading skills. That is a tough nut to crack in a market that is constantly changing its dynamics.

Arkham now enables TRON users to customize the dashboard as per their preferences. It is up to them to choose what metrics they want to see or what pieces of information should be available to them at their fingertips.

The same has been retweeted by TRON DAO and can be viewed on their official Twitter handle.

TRON is currently carrying a trading value of $0.069, down by 1.85% in the past 24 hours.

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