Arkhia embarks on a new venture with Pangolin to strengthen the Hedera network

Arkhia is actively boosting and providing added thrust to the existing quality and accessibility of data on the Hedera network. On the anvil happens to be backing for some other networks also. Pangolin, in the meantime, will be utilizing the entity’s middleware dependability for gaining access to status updates on Hedera’s ecosystem and thereby repositioning HCS work. 

Arkhia incidentally has joined up with Pangolin, which happens to be an Avalanche-oriented decentralized exchange. Part of its function is to provide different sorts of DeFi applications. With the help of its low costing fees and quick settlement, Hedera Hashgraph’s features happen to be absolutely in sync with Pangolin’s wanted offerings in the case of their connected users. 

In order to properly understand the significance of the two entities coming together, it becomes imperative to delve a bit more into what they entail. 

Arkhia, on its part, happens to be an enterprise-grade Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) deliverer in the case of decentralized technologies. They are actively engaged in the activity of boosting organizations, teams, and also individuals in matters of speedier, modular, and upgradable solutions for the Web3 arena. It has been created keeping dependability in mind, along with high throughput based on a multi-cloud network.  

Where Pangolin is concerned, it is a multi-chain decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (DEX) that is positioned on the Avalanche and Songbird Networks. It will also be launching on the Hedera in the imminent future. 

The entity happens to be a provider of easy swaps, along with being a matter of great convenience for both projects and traders. Now that they are together, Arkhia will be delivering suitable solutions which will help users by making their overall experience more firm, dependable, and with more connectivity in the case of end users of the DEX. 

Simultaneously, Pangolin happens to be looking towards becoming a healthy multi-chain DEX, with the able assistance of Arkhia.  

According to the CEO of Pangolin, Justin Trollip, the association with Arkhia for them has indeed been very beneficial and of immense value. In his opinion, it happens to be their infrastructure solution that will help the community to gain connectivity with fresh DeFi options. Where the CTO of Arkhia, Daniel Costa, is concerned, he is glad to have the provision of a critical DLT framework and analytics for their customer’s application. 

The plan is for them to allow Pangolin to work on the creation of their dApp, and in the meantime, Arkhia will remain involved in the smooth running of middleware. 

Scott Cook

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