ARPA Network partners with Cradles for enhanced Web3 gaming experience

ARPA Network forms an exclusive collaboration with Cradles to nurture the ever-transforming Web3 gaming exposure. The ARPA Network is the force behind Randcast, a safe, on-chain, authenticable random number generator (RNG). Cradles is an AAA MMORPG blockchain game with PvP and PvE.

Cradles, on its part, offers alluring gameplay, offering a unique experience wherein adventure, combat, and puzzle-solving opportunities are abundant and exhibit real-time physics and the passing of time. 

Cradles has pledged to release a captivating gaming exposure for all enthusiasts. In the role of adventurers, players are expected to travel through landscapes and connect with some severe gaming systems. Here, the players have the role of being the creators of the future of the ecosystem.

This calculated association is the stepping stone for merging ARPA’s cryptographic skills and Randcast’s development friendly sample SDKs, along with Cradle’s inventive gaming systems for bringing about another level of gaming exposure.

According to the CEO of ARPA Network, Felix Xu, the association with Cradles brings about opportunities for ARPA regarding the Web3 gaming space.

In the words of the CEO of Cradles, Abner Koengdsorf, the tie-up with ARPA and the utilization of Randcast RNG technology will pave the way for delivering actual random and unpredictable aspects within their games, a real attractive proposition for the connected players.

Cradles is a premier 3A game and a solution provider for the entire open world. They have a presence in over 40 countries. Presently, Cradles is actively involved in the development of a framework targeting open-world enthusiasts for creating their own futuristic space.

ARPA Network (ARPA) is a decentralized and safe computation network created to enhance factors related to safety issues and privacy about blockchains.

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