Arrington Capital Moonbeam Growth Fund Makes a Strategic Investment in DAM Finance

The Arrington Capital Moonbeam Growth Fund has supported DAM Finance, a framework for generating buying power from cross-chain token portfolio management.

The $100 million Arrington Capital Moonbeam Growth Fund, which was recently formed to support the Moonbeam ecosystem, has made its 3rd substantial investment in DAM Finance.

The widest variety of blockchain-secured leverage, such as a long tail, output generating, and actual world assets, can be purchased easily, thanks to DAM. To create dPRIME, a Dotsama stablecoin on Moonbeam, borrowers deposit baskets of tokens in a single exchange. By mutualizing the valuation of the stored leverage, DAM’s technique gave debtors more leeway in dPRIME issuing and vault upkeep.

DAM will use Moonbeam’s facilities as a component of its blueprint to enable cash flow for investments native to parachains and blockchain-based outside the Dotsama ecosystem.

The DAM Financial department gets to share the mindset of Arrington Capital, which envisions the future as multi-chain and comprehensive. DAM is developing a new prototype for buying power and risk assessment with DeFi in mind.

Cash flow fragmentation and poor asset utilization plague the current cross-chain. DAM is a fantastic illustration of a brand-new cross-chain DeFi protocol that employs linked agreements on Moonbeam to access assets from various blockchains. It will be possible for DAM to operate more effectively and provide better user experiences if it can safely aggregate cash flow.

Moonbeam is the optimum ecosystem for DAM to realize its vision because of its precise placement as the center of the reward system for cross-chain liquidity. Since the commencement, Arrington Capital has aided DAM, and they are delighted to have the backing of a strong strategic alliance with a long history of scaling token economy initiatives. The initial rollout of DAM is planned for later this year.

Arrington Capital is a company that manages digital assets with the main focus on financial markets built on blockchain technology. Michael Arrington, the creator of TechCrunch and CrunchBase, and Heather Harde, the Chief operating officer of TechCrunch, started the company in 2017. It currently manages over 1 billion dollars and has invested in 100s of startups worldwide. Arrington Capital is an experienced, global team of entrepreneurs and Silicon Valley servicemen with extensive venture capital backgrounds. Arrington Capital’s initial fund was Arrington XRP Capital, which has since grown to include additional funds.

The DAM protocol uses dPRIME, a Dotsama stablecoin on Moonbeam, to generate spending power from cross-chain token portfolio management. Borrowers are referred to as bank executives in the procedure, holdings are used as leverage, dPRIME is used to generate purchasing power, and DAM acts as a risk assessment bundle. The major contributors to DAM have histories in asset management, data science, and private and public blockchains.

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