Artificial Intelligence Forum in Dubai to be joined by Consultancy firm PwC

Over the past half a decade or so, artificial intelligence has become one of the world’s most important emerging technologies, and although it is yet to go mainstream, its eventual adoption is inevitable. It might have originated in the United States, but knowing the full scope of AI, many others are now jumping in and developing their capabilities accordingly. One of those is the United Arab Emirates, and over the years, the region’s policymakers have shown tremendous eagerness to welcome new technology. Dubai is all set to host the highly influential Artelligence Forum from 4th to 5th September next month, and there is no doubt that it is going to be a high-profile affair.

Around 300 representatives from among governments and the world of business as well as tech are slated to attend the forum. It has now emerged that one of the keynote speakers is going to be Scott Nowson, who is the Intelligence Lead of the Middle Eastern arm of consulting firm the Middle East. It is also highly important to keep in mind that PwC is also the official ‘knowledge partner’ for the Artelligence Forum this year. The event is aimed at talking about the future of AI and how it could impact the world in the years to come. In addition to Nowson, a wide array of high experts from the world of AI is going to take part in the event. It is necessary to point out that PwC’s involvement in the event is a clear indication of the sort of future the consultancy firm envisages for AI in the Middle East. Considering the fact that the region is trying to shed its dependence on oil, it is an interesting move and one that will generate a lot of interest.

Another important speaker at the event is going to be the Head of AI Business Integration at Lloyds, Abhijit Akerkar. Akerkar recently stated that the biggest challenge for AI as an industry is to figure out ways to speed up the scaling process. He said,

Two in every three companies invested in AI are yet to generate any tangible value. And of those companies that have turned the corner, almost half are still at a sub-scale level. The good news is that value is not elusive.

It will be a highly illuminating event and one that could have far-reaching implications for the AI industry.

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