Artyfact declares collaboration with SDLC Corp

Artyfact makes its official declaration of having partnered with SDLC Corp. This collaboration will witness SDLC Corp becoming in charge of and responsible for the section of the game, as well as blockchain development. There will also be the factor of the building of NFT. 

SDLC CORP, incidentally, is an organization actively involved in Blockchain, along with GameFi development. It has been operating in this line for over five years. With this amalgamation, the provision will be made for bringing out the actual capability of Artyfact. This will be achieved with the utilization of new-age technologies and the overall exposure that SDLC Corp enjoys. To their credit, they have various development-based awards, along with receiving the title of a Top App Development Company for startups in the year 2020. 

Artyfact, on the other hand, is a Web3 Metaverse game. The aim and intention are for it to turn out to be the first-ever metaverse that is an amalgamation of the highest form of AAA, as well as Play-to-Earn, and utilizing an innovative Play-and-Earn (PAE) economic module which prioritizes the exposure to gaming, above factors like earnings. 

The community connected with Artyfact enjoys plenty of AAA-level PAE games and is also able to earn for themselves $ARTY, as well as indulge in the purchasing and trading of NFTs. These include avatars, weapon skins, virtual estate, and clothes, along with being able to take part in virtual concerts, as well as NFT exhibitions, runway shows, and many others. 

Artyfact comes with some significant features, like the incorporation of PAE games. There is an entire array of Play-and Earn multiplayer game modules answering the need of different types of players having different requirements. Through these games, gamers are able to make for themselves $ARTY by doing away with their opponents and competition. There is the $ARTY, which is a conventional in-game and governance token belonging to the ecosystem of Artyfact. 

Gamers are also able to make use of them for purchasing Artyfact game pieces (NFTs), as well as governing the Artyfact DAO, and in the bargain, obtaining rewards through taking part in incorporated P2E games, as well as through staking $ARTY. All of the game pieces are NFT. There is also the organizing of virtual events for the benefit of gamers. Over and above all of that, there are huge virtual billboards that are positioned in the Artyfact metaverse. 


Gamers who have ownership of these billboards are in the position of being able to make earnings through advertisements. The billboards can be purchased as well as rented. Artyfact takes credit for cooperative gaming, as well as event sponsorships, and virtual merch creation, along with a whole lot of others.

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