Asia Metaverse Conference for Your Calendar in 2022-Metaverse Club

Metaverse Ecosystem Development & Investment Conference-Asia Station will happen on 24, 25, and 26 May 2022, online, organized by the Metaverse Club.

What awaits you at the #Asia Metaverse Ecosystem and Investment Conference?

Three half-days of priceless content and interactive networking with over 5,000 participants await you. Don’t miss a chance to listen to words of wisdom from 45+ expert speakers; meet industry leaders and investors, learn about the latest blockchain games, NFTs, DeFi, and technology products and services in Metaverse; find investment and PR opportunities in the Asia Pacific market; hang out with peers and much more.

Topics Framework

Featured Speakers

More than 40 featured speakers have participated in the conference to discuss the Metaverse ecosystem development and the investment opportunities in Metaverse.

MetaTokyo, Takayuki Suzuki, CEO

Upland, Dirk Lueth, Co-Founder

Decentraland, Alejandro De Grazia, Head Movies & Entertainment in General

NFTrade, Harrison Seletsky, Head of Communications

Charisma Entertainment, Guy Gadney, CEO

Technical University of Munich, Isabell Welpe, Professor of Strategy

Aavegotchi, Jesse Johnson, Co-Founder and COO

Finstep Asia, Musheer Ahmed, Founder & MD

Multiverse Labs, CEO, Cliff Szu

LOCGame, Mik Mironov, CEO

Gumi Cryptos Capital, Miko Matsumura, General Partner

Cypher Capital, Bijan Alizadeh, Partner

LaunchMyNFT, Kwebbelkop, CEO

Multiverse Labs, Cliff Szu, CEO

Aimedis, Michael Kaldasch, Founder/CEO

A’Z Angels, Mahmoud Ali, General Partner

India Blockchain Alliance, Raj Kapoor, Founder

Subgame, Ambassadors

Cointelligence Fund, On Yavin, Managing Partner

ParlayMe, January Barnes, Founder & Tech Reporter

Metaverse Club, Jack-D, COO

Gamma Law, David Hoppe, Managing Partner

Karma the Game of Destiny, Robert Porter, CEO

Baptiste Tricoire, Marketing Consultant &Forbes writer

Genopets, Jay Chang, Co-Founder

Mulana Venture, Gilbert Ng, Partner

Korea App Inc., Jeong Hak Soo, CEO

France Crypto, Clément Fermaud, Founder

Smobler Studios, Dr. Loretta Chen, Co-Founder

Duelist King, Nicole Nguyen, CMO

What Values You Will Get As A Conference Partner?

Asia Metaverse Ecosystem and Investment Conference is the center stage for the blockchain game, NFT, DeFi, and metaverse-related industry, drawing 5,000+ participants including hundreds of CEOs and Founders from across the global crypto-based ecosystem. We provide our partners with a platform to engage with a targeted audience, meet with senior decision-makers, form new partnerships, promote brand awareness, or launch new products to the industry and media.

*Learn the latest industry knowledge of the metaverse

*Meet potential partners, Metaverse start-ups (Blockchain Games, NFTs, DeFi)

* Leverage your solution to people

* Networking and connecting with VC and Investors

* To attract new users in Asia to your projects

* Exposure within the crypto community in Asia

* Media release in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and English in China, Japan, South Korea, and Asia other countries

About Metaverse Club

Metaverse Club is a Metaverse Knowledge exchange and PR service platform for entertainment, GameFi, NFTs, DeFi, metaverse companies, investment institutions, media, metaverse players, and lovers for products and brands promotion, industry knowledge exchange, and resource matching, to drive the global metaverse industry.

Metalk TV Show is organized by Metaverse Club Every Friday 9:00 AM or 9:00 PM GMT+8 to the company who have interesting Metaverse-related stories. The show features the topic of  Metaverse, Blockchain games, NFT and Defi, and technology. The enthusiasts of Metaverse will be invited to join the audience. The MetalK TV Show Live will be available on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Youtube.

To know more about the Asia Metaverse Ecosystem and Investment Conference on 24-26, May 2022, please visit the website:

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