AsMatch shifts to the first Social Layer on Manta Pacific

AsMatch evolves within the first Social Layer on Manta Pacific, which is boosted by Polygon CDK. Added to that was the necessary backing of the Polygon Labs’ team members.

The community has actively propelled the tremendous growth witnessed since AsMatch was established towards the beginning of 2023. The company could disrupt SocialFi and support its daily users. In order to continue the upward trend, they must upgrade their functioning.

The evolution of the initial Social Layer on Manta Pacific and the utilization of the potential of Polygon CDK is completely in harmony with AsMatch’s future goals. As a result, the company will be able to continue contributing to the output and upgradeability of its framework. The company will be able to manage an increase in user traction and transactions more effectively with the help of Polygon CDK.

Polygon Labs is involved in developing Ethereum upgrade services for Polygon protocols. Polygon Labs collaborates with ecosystem developers to provide access to an upgradeable, cost-effective, and long-term blockchain foundation for Web3.

Polygon Labs has created several protocols that allow developers to easily interact with prime scaling services like Layer2s (zero-knowledge rollups), as well as sidechains, application-oriented chains, and data accessibility protocols. The scaling services have been accepted by a wide number of decentralized applications, with over 389 million unique addresses. In addition, 1.9 million smart contracts have been created, with 3.2 billion transactions completed.


To democratize SocialFi, AsMatch was jointly developed by developers from the largest Web2 matching applications. This feature distinguishes it from traditional modules, which provides a distinct benefit for Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs).

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