Asmongold & Destiny support Kick

Kick and Twitch are in a new face-off. Streamers have started criticizing Kick for having established its ties with Stake, while others have said that there is nothing to worry about if they choose not to promote that segment altogether in their stream. The first creator today from Twitch to support Kick as a competition is Asmongold.

Asmongold has clarified that he “doesn’t care” what others say, highlighting that he is not bound by rules that are set by someone else. He continues facing criticism for his words and support now appears to be unperturbed by those words.

Acknowledging that Kick has blood cost ties attached to Stake, he has said that he not only supports Kick but also supports every other streaming platform that is coming up to break the monopoly of Amazon’s Twitch.

Mentioning that Twitch is a platform owned by Amazon is important because the eCommerce giant has been in the news for violating labor laws. Meaning some streamers are endlessly supporting Twitch even after knowing that it is backed by a company that is allegedly mistreating its workforce.

The reason why Asmongold is coming out in support of Kick is for its favorable revenue split model. He has even advised new streamers to first try and grow on the new streaming platform before even coming on Twitch, adding that he would have done the same.

It was during the January 26 stream when Asmongold told his followers, or fans, that he was not bound by the rules that were created by them. Asmongold added that he does what he feels like doing without making excuses for it.

One of the viewers pointed out that he would not be so critical of Kick if that affected his chances of getting a contract in the times to come. To this, he responded that they were absolutely correct. That’s too honest if one asks the community to rate his responses. Nevertheless, it is unclear if Asmongold will ever make a debut on Kick or not.

On another side, efforts are being shown from the end of kick to sign and hire Dr Disrespect as it is highly needed for the whole onboarding process.

Steven Destiny has called out streamers who are criticizing Kick for its connections with the crypto gambling site. He has signed a one-year non-exclusive contract with Kick, where he will not stream the content along with YouTube. Notably, he was banned by Twitch last year.

Kick came under the limelight after it was found promoting slot streams. This pinched recognized streamers like HasanAbi and Pokimane, who did not hesitate at the time of showing the platform a mirror. Destiny has confirmed that he will not be promoting gambling to his viewers, signaling that it is also up to the streamer whether to prompt or not promote such content.

The virtue signaling is so cringe, said Destiny while stating that he does not list gambling that much.

Kick falling into the pit of controversies makes one wonder about how far the crypto gambling industry is willing to spread its wings. The streaming industry has been split into two un regrettable sides. It is now up to streamers and their fans to be aware of the risks involved with the promoted content, which here means the content that is related to gambling and gambling brands.

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