Aspecta and Linea collaborate on builder identity solutions

Aspecta and Linea have formed a partnership to advance builder identity services, which feature enhanced interoperability and utility. Additionally, it will foster additional opportunities for expansion across the Consensys builder ecosystem.

Aspecta has come out with an AI-boosted identity service that helps builders exhibit their skill sets, influence, and exposure with regards to authenticable proofs from GitHub and various other Web2 and Web3 data. 

Added to that, it will be possible to carry out documentation of processes and search for multiple options. With the utilization of LLM and Graph learning technology, the builder identity of Aspecta will transform the very face of the utility of identity in various builder-oriented cases like associations, receiving funds, the creation of communities, and much more. The identity service of Aspecta sets the base for a healthy foundation for an active network of builders as well as projects and ecosystems. 

This collaboration will enable builders to demonstrate their builder-centric capabilities through Verax using flexible testimonials and NFTs. Establishing a unique and upgradable use case within Verax’s framework is crucial for this to occur, as it contributes to the advancement of the proof of humanity theory and the delivery of the first builder-oriented application. Additionally, it functions as a framework that enables builders of MetaMask and Linea to interact with and obtain alternatives for novel concepts. The framework will facilitate the expansion of the Consensys builder ecosystem as a whole.

In the case of Builders Voyage, it is a builder-respecting NFT claim program that has been started by Aspecta and Linea and has the backing of various projects and communities. It is a first-time attempt by the collaboration of Aspecta and Linea to reach out to builders to connect with GitHub and understand their capabilities of opening the doors to various builder NFT and adaptable testimonials with the utilization of the AI-boosted identity technology of Aspecta and the incorporation of Verax.


Non-builders will be eligible to participate in the program upon providing responses to specific inquiries and acquiring BackerNFT. This is made possible by the Linea Voyage program, which grants all participants the opportunity to acquire Linea Voyage XP and flexible testimonials on Linea through Verax when they claim their NFTs. Authenticated builders can interact with Linea Testnet ETH, the Linea builder community and participate in contests. Furthermore, as part of the Consensys ecosystem, builder-oriented benefits and options will be made available to them.

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