Astar Network enters partnership with Polygon for Astar zkEVM

Astar Network recently announced a partnership with Polygon Labs. The announcement was made on Astar Network’s official Twitter/X account.

According to the tweet, the parties will collaborate to develop Astar zkEVM. It will be an Ethereum L2 scaling solution backed by Polygon’s CDK. Astar Network even released an official post to inform users about the development.

The post stated that Astar Supernova would be a massive step for the platform. The solution will scale Ethereum while also spreading Web3 adoption in Japan and other regions. Astar zkEVM will merge the ZK (Zero Knowledge) technology with Ethereum’s interoperability, security, and scalability. 

Astar Network is closely working with Polkadot to create a cross-chain environment where dApp developers and enterprises can work. The protocol is also helping dApps get funds through passive income earned through the community.

With Astar zKEVM, the network can expand its cross-chain functionalities to create a tech stack that attracts billions of users to Web3. Astar Network will continue operating with Polkadot to bring multichain communities into one space.

Moreover, the Astar Foundation will spearhead efforts to onboard new partners to the Astar Network. It will further increase the share of parties developing on-chain. Astar is aiming to design a gateway where the Polkadot and Ethereum ecosystems can work.

The protocol also aims to enable interoperability between Astar VMs to enhance cross-contract interoperability. It will help other dApps collaborate with partners, such as Gelato and LayerZero.

To ensure the seamless development of Astar zkEVM, Polygon Labs is helping the protocol as a leading Ethereum scaling solution. Polygon is lending its resources to facilitate a seamless blockchain experience for Astar Network.

Maarten, the Astar Foundation’s Head, talked about the recent development. According to Maarten, everyone at Astar Network is thrilled about Astar zkEVM. The platform will allow Astar to enter the Ethereum ecosystem while serving as a gateway for Web3 adoption in Japan and other regions.

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