Astar Network introduces Polygon CDK-based Astar zkEVM

Astar Network presents zkEVM, a Layer 2 rollup enhanced with ZK that was developed utilizing Polygon CDK and an initial chain that was integrated with the AggLayer. At this time, Astar is expected to demonstrate conventional interoperability with Polygon zkEVM and any future blockchains that are linked to the AggLayer. This will facilitate smooth transactions across chains.

Astar zkEVM was established in collaboration with Gelato, a provider of blockchain frameworks. It facilitates developing and deploying high-level blockchains for projects by employing the Polygon CDK. It maintains its status as the preeminent network in Japan for business, entertainment, and gaming initiatives. Using innovative Polygon CDK technology and robust security measures, zkEVM will enable developers and users to obtain instant finality and withdrawals to Ethereum’s $50 billion ecosystem.

Just one month ago, the first part of the AggLayer—a linked bridge to Ethereum that allows cross-chain transactions—went live. In contrast to multi-chain L2 ecosystems and other rollups and L2s, its own bridge to Ethereum was not employed. Astar zkEVM and Polygon zkEVM will establish a connection via the unified bridge. At the moment, two ZK-enhanced protocols are connected via an identical bridge. 

In order to integrate the Astar zkEVM with the AggLayer, the collaboration of proficient architects was imperative. They represented Gelato, Astar, and Polygon. The subsequent introduction to the Polygon CDK will integrate the knowledge gained from the initial implementation and simplify the procedure for connecting chains with the AggLayer.

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