Astar zkEVM positioned live on the DEX

Astar zkEVM is now positioned live on the DEX, for which QuickSwap intends to further the acceptance of Astar Network’s zkEVM chain via its DEX framework. For the dragon community, this is indeed a landmark happening.

Astar zkEVM was created as a Supernet to speed up the mass acceptance of Web3 in Japan and internationally. It was developed with the utilization of the Polygon CDK tech stack. Astar zkEVM is an upgradable and decentralized Ethereum Layer 2 EVM comparable blockchain that allows communications and the shifting of assets amongst Polygon, Ethereum, Polkadot, Cosmos, and various more sought-after blockchain networks.

The spread of the Astar Network is ever-increasing, with the current figure standing at more than 500,000 community members, over 50 dApps positioned life, and above $600 million in terms of total value locked (TVL). Added to that are over 500 projects in the ecosystem.

The introduction of QuickSwap on Astar zkEVM has allowed the dragon and Aster communities to connect with the new-age DeFi on the network.

Further, a fresh ecosystem has been exposed, along with an enhanced network of interlinked chains made available via Astar’s framework. It will now be possible for users to swap, offer liquidity, and farm to earn added rewards.

QuickSwap being introduced on Astar zkEVM will help bring in further liquidity throughout the Polygon ecosystem, assisting in the overall growth of the chain. This will strengthen the link between Astar and Polygon.

QuickSwap propels the DragonFi 2.0 concept and rules over the Polygon 2.0 space.

To initiate activity on Astar zkEVM, Astar Network will introduce the Yoki Origins project, which is a significant happening throughout their ecosystem. QuickSwap will be taking part in the project wherein users will have the option of finishing social and off-chain work for gaming and the opportunity to win rewards.

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