Atlas Corporation Uses Chainlink Data Feeds and VRF for NFT-Based Game

Atlas Corporation, a Web3 development group that is creating the technical foundation for a rising number of NFT communities, has incorporated Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) and Chainlink Data Feeds on the Ethereum mainnet. Atlas now has direct exposure to a tamper-proof and fully transparent source of real-world sports data being brought into an NFT protocol by incorporating the sector-leading decentralized Oracle network. As a result, it allows users to interact with such a smart contract protocol whose methods can be stimulated by real-world events, resulting in a much more thrilling and straightforward user experience.

Squares on Chain is a web3 implementation of a famous game that was played by friends at a major American football event, generally the Super Bowl.

Each circle of mates will have its own set of rules for playing, but it usually involves a 10×10 grid of squares.

Previous to the sporting event, this 10×10 grid of 100 unmarked squares are sold or otherwise dispersed to the attendees. Each participant’s title will be written in the square — on a looseleaf piece of paper or a magnificently decorated whiteboard — to identify them as the shareholders of their square for all to see. A prize pool is created through consumer buy-ins (e.g., $X per square), sponsorship, or with an item that spins from winner to winner on an annual basis. The jackpot is then awarded in real-time as the game progresses.

The columns and rows of the 10×10 grid then are randomized numbers 0–9 (0–9 along the top and 0–9 along the side), portraying the “one’s digit” of every team’s ranking. If the columns (the numbers along the top) depict one team’s score, the rows (the numbers along the side) portray the other team’s score. Traditionally, these figures have indeed been delegated at random by (literally) pulling numbers out of a hat, using homemade spinners, or other creative methods.

Winners can be chosen for the final score or quarterly, often with an overweight half and final. Consider the 1/1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 chance that the numbers are chosen entirely in order [0–9], [0–9].

If the prizes are awarded quarterly, the owner of the square assigned square #3/100 if home runs along the side (or square #21 if home runs along the top) would win a percentage of the prize pool with a Q1 final score of 0–3 (home-away). This is reiterated for quarters 2–4, with just about any overtime often being rolled into the fourth quarter.

Atlas Corp chose Chainlink VRF after reviewing various solutions because it is based on cutting-edge research, is backed by a time-tested oracle network, and is protected through the generation and on-chain verification of cryptographic pieces of evidence that prove the integrity of every random value supplied to smart contracts.

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