Atlético de Madrid and WhaleFin Partner With STEPN for Their Genesis NFT Collection

Atlético de Madrid is coming with its first genesis NFT collection with WhaleFin. Both have partnered with STEPN to make the collection of 1,001 NFT sneakers available to a wide user base. Those who purchase these NFTs will earn exclusive access to products and experiences.

STEPN, a Web3 lifestyle app, will allow users to convert their physical activities into tokens and use them in-game or redeem them as cash. The entire NFT collection is divided into three parts, as described in the table drawn below.

Number of NFTs





NFTs in the Common category have been named after the trophies that Atlético de Madrid has won nationally and internationally. Trophies will carry the date and place about when the trophy was won.



These sneaker NFTs have been dedicated to the stadiums of Atlético de Madrid.



11 NFTs in the category are numbered from 1 to 11, representing the total number of players present on the field to defend the team.

One exclusive experience holders of these NFTs can expect to earn is a trip and ticket to watch an Atlético de Madrid game at Civitas Metropolitano. It will include a free hotel stay for the holder.

The Uncommon category gives its holders the official jersey of Atlético de Madrid. In contrast, the Rare category comes with a signed official jersey of Atlético de Madrid, courtesy of the captains of the teams.

Users have to register through the WhaleFin app to get a participation ticket which is scheduled to go live on August 26, 2022. Terms and conditions for the same are awaited to be published on the official website.

The first round of the launch will bring 200 sneakers to the marketplace, and from that, 180 will be available at WhaleFin, and 20 Common NFTs will be available at STEPN for its wide user base.

Partners have announced to dedicate the 10% of the profit generated from the sale of the NFT collection to fund the international schools using the sport to drive the change through Fundación Atlético de Madrid.

Annabelle Huang, the Managing Partner of Amber Group, expressed excitement on behalf of the venture and called the launch of the NFT collection a milestone for the group. Annabelle Huang added that the venture was looking to showcase the utility of NFTs online and offline by encouraging people to recognize the value of cryptocurrencies.

Mable Jiang, the CRO at STEPN, said that the partnership would bring a distinct experience to fans spread across the globe, highlighting that the goal was to associate the world of exercise with the Web3 realm.

Inigo Aznar, the CCO of Atlético de Madrid, commented that the partnership with WhaleFin opens numerous possibilities where various ways to associate with fans can be explored while discovering the distinctive possibilities offered by Web3.

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