Play-to-Earn Game Studio Attack Wagon Launches On-Site Staking Program

Attack Wagon, a Blockchain game studio, has announced the launch of Attack Wagon token ($ATK) staking on its platform. According to the company’s update, platform users will now stake their funds in three staking pools: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. All of them have a staking window of 30 days. The announcement highlights that rewards will be distributed based on the staking period.

Attack wagon aims to lower entry barriers into the world of play-to-earn by offering free in-game starter items to maximize engagement and monetization while the user plays.

$ATK Staking Pools
$ATK Staking Pools

Delving a bit into the details, users looking to stake tokens in the Silver Staking pool will have to adhere to a lock period of 45 days to get a 10 percent early APY reward. They stand to receive a 20 percent APY return after staking their assets for over 90 days.

The higher-ranked Gold staking pool has a 3 million ATK pool size. It has a mandatory 90-day lock duration to qualify for a 20 percent APY return. Users who stake for over 180 days get an attractive 40 percent APY maturity return.

The Platinum staking pool is the premier choice of the lot. It has an ATK token cap of just 1 million and a 365-day maturity period. The mandatory lock time is 180 days for a 40 percent APY yield, and its APY is 100 percent at the end of the maturity period.

At this juncture, it is worth mentioning that the options mentioned above are only the initial staking pools, and more pools are set to be added shortly.

The current total ATK token supply is 1 billion.

ATK’s Utility on the Scrap Guilds Ecosystem

The ATK token is an ERC20 Polygon-chain token native to the Attack Wagon Blockchain ecosystem. The network’s primary game is Scrap Guilds, a Sci-Fi RPG GameFi metaverse. The game utilizes a play-to-earn model that incentivizes players to spend more time on the platform undertaking numerous rewarding tasks. Scrap Guilds is set to go live this year. 

In the game, players are freelance scrappers for hire, and their main task is to collect resources while safeguarding their ship. They also have the freedom to move around and explore the game’s mysteries.

Due to the expansive nature of the metaverse, players are allowed to start at any region on the map and can jump from one zone to another to complete tasks, join events, and gather non-player characters (NPCs).

Purchasing NFTs is important for players trying to get ahead of the competition. Players who wish to upgrade their NFT tools in the metaverse can use their ATK token stash to purchase them. Stellar NFT ship parts are needed to thwart ship attacks, and most are only available via purchase.

NFT ship parts in the game are categorized into ten different classes, and each of them has its utility, strengths, and weaknesses. Usually, players enhance ship parts by coming together and pooling resources to buy formidable NFTs. This improves their success rate and allows them to unlock higher reward rates. Besides buying, users can win ATK tokens by participating in PvP tournaments. ATK tokens are currently available for purchase via and Quickswap.

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