Audio Galleries announces its partnership with Opensea

Audio Galleries, a creative and art-oriented enterprise, made the official announcement that it has formed a relationship with Opensea. This will enable the entity, as well as the artists with whom it collaborates, to expand its presence. In the guise of Featured Editions, Audio Galleries will start minting the Artist Editions on Opensea. This serves as a significant benchmark for the entity’s future path. Interestingly, the organization was founded by Benjamin White somewhere in January 2023. According to the company’s intentions, they will start the artist Amber Vittoria’s debut show and minting.

When it comes to Benjamin White, he has a truly great quantity of exposure thanks to the support of the latest artists, such as Philip Colbert of The Lobstars and Craig Redman of Dour Darcels. Also, he has played a key role in developing partnerships with Rug Radio. The delivery of the Audio Gallery series takes place on this decentralized media platform. Each and every Audio Gallery event shines a spotlight on a guest artist, who may be a rising star or an established figure. This artist makes their works accessible via the blockchain and is responsible for some of the most spectacular creations.

During the interview, White happens to delve deeply into the artist’s persona, as well as ask about the people or circumstances that inspire him, as well as his past, present, and future plans and associated activities. The entity provides an open-edition mint for each show that is the subject of its attention. This makes the artwork of the artist more readily available to all owners of the Audio Galleries Mint Pass who intend to purchase it. It must be minted twenty-four hours before being sent to the concerned buyers.

This collaboration will result in some significant changes, one of which is that the show will be moved to every Friday in the case of Opensea Editions. Under the current circumstances, the event will begin with Amber Vittoria’s presentation. In addition to that, the mints will be open editions with a 72-hour time limit. It will also include everyone participating actively. In all of this, Opensea will be responsible for the promotional activities associated with the performances and their presence.


The holders of the AG Mint Pass will be able to obtain another artwork created by the artist himself and will not have any price attached to it if they choose to mint an Opensea Edition. This will be accomplished through the use of an airdrop. After all is said and done, this coming together will play a crucial role in shining a really positive and productive light on the initiative.

Roxanne Williams

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