Auradogs Partners With Polygon Studios

Auradogs has published a blog post to share the news that it recently concluded a partnership with Polygon Studios. The partnership between both ventures will enable Auradogs to scale its operations and meet the demands of the community. Auradogs will also leverage a lowered gas fee, reduced interaction latency among smart contracts, and higher transaction output.

The new collaboration between Polygon Studios and Auradogs will positively impact both, with a slightly higher advantage for Auradogs.

Auradogs will be able to expand its social impact on animal care and aid across the globe. With improved scalability, Auradogs can lower its fees for users who want to buy, sell, or trade non-fungible tokens with the partnership with Polygon Studios.

The lower fee will further improve the sustainability of its treasury, which will be able to direct more funds in the direction of initiatives undertaken for the well-being of animals.

Besides technical and social benefits, the partnership will also have a larger impact. Polygon Studios will assist Auradogs in drafting and implementing the go-to-market strategy. Other Polygon ecosystem projects will likely connect with Auradogs in the coming days. The ultimate aim of Auradogs is to become the most recognizable crypto-native brand in the Polygon ecosystem worldwide.

There are a total of three mandates included in the partnership:-

  • The first is Animal Aid & Care, wherein Auradogs will fund the process of adopting a stray dog. Generous donations to animal fund shelters are also within the view while advocating for the rights of animals.
  • Altruistic Decentralization is the second mandate as Auradogs looks to bring platforms together with the mission of funding and investing in animal rights activities. Auradogs can, therefore, be described as an Altruistic decentralized community.
  • Auradogs takes extra care in establishing the brand by integrating DAO and the crypto economy with business models outside the crypto space. The aim is to create a model that can assist the community in earning profit and drive the self-sustainability of the treasury.

Polygon is a blockchain development platform with over 142 million unique addresses. Polygon hosts over 37,000 decentralized applications with over $5 billion in assets. The carbon-neutral ecosystem of Polygon has so far processed 3.4 billion+ transactions.

Auradogs is a philanthropic animal movement. It delivers a perfect blend of art and technology with success in commercializing the tools of Web3. Help to stray animals is made possible with the equal participation of the community in a decentralized way.

A total of 7,777 non-fungible tokens form a full collection of NFTs, the theme for which is the love & soul for dogs.

Created by Ramiro Alban, Auradogs commits to donating 50% of the revenue generated by NFTs to animal shelters worldwide.

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