Pioneering the Future: Aurora Conference Unites Global Tech Leaders in Helsinki

It’s time for Nordics to join the global Web3 community and come together at Aurora Conference. Aurora is the first-of-its-kind international gathering of Web3 builders, innovators, and leaders in Helsinki, Finland, on June 4.

At the Aurora Conference, esteemed thought leaders will convene to engage in an insightful dialogue on the future of Web3 and cutting-edge innovations, adopting a pragmatic approach free from hype. Together, they will explore the possibilities of governing Finland as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) in the next 10 years while contemplating the future should Web3 face unforeseen challenges.

Real-world use cases will take center stage, enabling attendees to discern the value and potential of Web3 across various industries and uncover growth hacking strategies tailored to existing businesses, facilitating a seamless connection with future trends.

Key topics to be explored:

  • Is Web3 dead? And what lies ahead?
  • Will Finland embrace DAO governance within the next 10 years?
  • Can staking emerge as a viable alternative to traditional bank investments?
  • Growth hacking with Web3 tools
  • The inevitable convergence of AI and Web3
  • Immersive Metaverse: Exploring its inherent value


This one-day conference offers a platform to discover the future of cutting-edge innovations such as blockchain and Web3 technologies, encompassing DeFi, NFTs, GameFi, and AI. Over 20 leading industry companies will share their visions for upcoming trends, innovative ideas, and products.

The event will feature exclusive hands-on experiences in the workshop area, where industry pioneers will guide attendees in building and scaling Web3 projects.

As networking is a vital component of conferences, Aurora ensures opportunities to connect with members of the thriving web3 community. Additionally, participants can enjoy various perks and engaging activities throughout the day.

Top-notch speakers include

Samuel Yim – Head of APAC and Deputy General Counsel, 1inch Network

Dennis Huisman – Developer Relations Engineer, Near

Marja Konttinen – Former Marketing Director, Decentraland

Jari Pauna – CEO, Supremacy Games

Sima Baktas – Web3 Lawyer, GlobalB Law

Iryna Tsimashenka – Head of Developer Relations, Protocol Labs

Yevheniia Broshevan – CBDO & Co-founder, Hacken

Ferdinand Kobelt – CEO Metaverse Advisory, Senior Advisor at the Swiss Federal Department of Defense

Mikael Koskima – Co-founder and Chief Design Officer, TX – Tomorrow Explored

Anna Agu – Leading legal expert, Estonian Cryptocurrency Association

Max Atllah – Partner at Nordic Law

Jon Hautemäki – Partner at Nordic Law

Heidi Hurskainen – Founder & CEO of Revon ventures 

Aurora is a part and culminating event of the first Web3 Week Helsinki (26.05 – 04.06), which aims to bridge the gap in understanding emerging technologies and bring mass awareness closer through various Web3-related events. Web3 Week is co-produced by Web3 Builders and Convergent Reality. Two Finnish startups are focusing on developing the Web3 ecosystem in the Nordics. 

Why Finland?

Finland is famous for its strong technological infrastructure, innovation-friendly environment, skilled talent pool, government support, and strong crypto and blockchain community with leading-edge companies with roots in Finland, such as Aave, Membrane Finance, Phaver, Equilibrium, and Kleoverse.

Where and when?

June 4, Finland, Helsinki – Kafé Koma, harbor front venue in the heart of Helsinki city.

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