Austrian Parliament Bestows BlockchainArmy Head Erol User With the Space Medal

Erol User, the honorable Chairman and Co-founder of BlockchainArmy, has been bestowed upon with the first edition of the prestigious Space Medal by the Austrian President, Van der Bellen. The award Blockchain Based on the memory of the 50th Anniversary of Moon Landing. The spearhead of the blockchain firm is an active participant in the crypto space and is known for his exemplary work in popularizing cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

BlockchainArmy Head Erol User

With a view to spreading awareness about the new-age technology, Erol has marked his presence in an array of highly acclaimed gatherings in different parts of the world. In a recent instance, the globally reputed leader gave a pathbreaking speech at the Austrian Parliament in Vienna. He shared his revolutionary views on the topic “Solution Blockchain-Based Debris Management Platform” and grabbed the attention of one and all present at the esteemed gathering. He earned accolades from the audience for advocating the principles of blockchain excellence in the management of space debris.

During his speech, Erol highlighted the significant changes the Solution on the Blockchain Based platform can bring about in the field of space debris management. He stated that the removal of space debris had opened doors for a market opportunity worth a whopping 2.7 billion USD. Presently, the issue has become severe as a significant volume of nearly 100,000 tonnes of debris has been accumulated in the outer earth area by the launch of 9000 satellites. The debris particles are so minute that tracking them becomes impossible from the current technological solutions.


According to the BlockchainArmy President, the Solution on the Blockchain supported platform follows a revolutionary technique that lists all the debris particles on a single dashboard, allowing it to track the smallest of the particles ranging between the size of 10cm to 1mm. All the space agencies will be able to provide the tracking information on the single blockchain pegged solution allowing submission of information from the agencies. This will help the various space organizations from defining and sharing the basic facts and figures about a particular debris particle with other entities while hiding the crucial information securely.

Erol mentioned that with the employment of the blockchain technology, the entire system would be transparent and secured to the highest standards. He concluded, saying that we should always pay attention to the issues space debris is creating in the path of scientific research.

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