Automata Token Officially Launched on Binance Launchpool

The crypto circuit is witnessing back-to-back project launches, and the latest to join the trend is the Automata token. ATA (Automata Token) recently made its debut on the Binance Launchpool. Now users can stake DOT, BUSD, or BNB to earn token rewards as ATA.

Deli Gong (Automata Network’s Co-Founder) expressed his delight regarding the launch. As per Deli, getting listed on the Binance Launchpool will open numerous prospects for ATA. It will offer esteemed liquidity and flexibility to the Automata community. As an industry leader, Binance holds strong market connections. That is why ATA is looking forward to collaborating with them in the near future.

How will the Launch Help ATA?

Binance introduced the Launchpool back in September 2020, and it has helped 15 projects with 529 million dollars distributed in token form. Involving over 408,783 coin holders, Binance can help Automata Token in many ways:

  • The launch will allow ATA to tap into Binance’s marketing tools.
  • It opens the doors for future collaborations with Binance’s esteemed ecosystem.
  • Binance’s global user base will help ATA experience mass adoption and better liquidity.

How will the Development Work?

Here is how users can avail of the ATA on the Binance Launchpool:

  • Users can start by signing into the Binance account.
  • Now reach the Launchpool page.
  • Choose the pool where users can stake the token.
  • It will show three liquidity pool alternatives – DOT, BUSD, and BNB.
  • Select the Stake option to overview the staking details like total staked amount, annual yield share, and routine yield awards.

Important Dates and Details to Remember

Here is an overview of the details every interested individual must remember:

  • ATA will be listed on the Binance Launchpool from 6 AM (UTC) 2021-06-07.
  • The farming process will launch on 00:00 AM (UTC) 2021-06-02.
  • Smart contract addresses to note – ATA (BEP-20) and ATA (ERC-20).

As a decentralized service protocol, Automata will be offering traceless privacy solutions for DeFi apps on Polkadot and Ethereum. Automata Network will offer high assurance, seamless computation, and esteemed privacy. Using the Binance Launchpool for its native token’s listing will surely help the platform gain market prominence.


ATA is the native token of Automata Network, a decentralized platform offering privacy services for dApps. The token is set to be listed on the renowned Binance Launchpool. ATA’s co-founder expressed his delight in the development and believes that collaborating with Binance will provide unmatched growth opportunities to the network.

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