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Autonomy 2040: Explore the Magic of AI, IOT, Robotics, and Blockchain on January 17-19


Autonomy 2040 is a 3-day conference in Tulum, Mexico, that will explore the many current and future applications of AI, IoT, Robotics, and Blockchain.

8th January 2020, Tulum, Mexico— Autonomy 2040 invites the world to join a new phase of technological revolution, during the 3-days immersive conference experience at the heart of Mayan civilization on January 17–19.

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During the Autonomy 2040 event in Tulum, Mexico, conference members, together with experts of various fields, will explore changes happening at the Age of Autonomy—the tech revolution happening at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), Robotics, and Blockchain (Digital Currency)—from technological, economic, political, environmental, and cultural point of view and find ways to succeed in future, together with like-minded individuals.

Co-founder of Futurama Innovators Summit, Joshua Hong, stated that:

“It is designed for thought leaders across all industries, entrepreneurs, and human seekers, who are keen to not only understand the impact of the Age of Autonomy but also to begin to create a world of what is possible for us inside this age as individuals and as a collective.”

The community members to connect during the AUTONOMY 2040 immersive 3-day conference event includes Futurama Innovators Summit Co-founder, Joshua Jong, MIND.AI Co-founder, Paul Lee, Founder of Paybook & Mayan Warrior, Gerardo Trevino, Founder of DecentraNet, Matt McKibbin, Founder of idou & LINE FRIENDS, Sean Yoon, Founder of Tradecraft Capital, Jake Ryan, CEO of CoinPayments, Alex Alexandrov, CEO of PlatinCoin, Alex Reinhardt, chairman of, Alexis Sirkia, Co-founder of Bithumb Global, Javier Sim, Co-founder of IOVO, Krzysztof Gagacki. Among experts, there are also lawyers, investment and tech advisors, as well as fund managers.

Joshua has also revealed that:

“Organizers want to bring some of the hard research-based economic theories to stimulate the environment and impact of the event. The event location reflects the fact that our decentralized future has some similarities with the empire that was politically decentralized and never unified, built right in the middle of the rainforest, sustaining the harsh climate”.

About Autonomy 2040 

Autonomy 2040 is the combination of TED, Singularity University, Summit Series, and Futurama. It is a non-profit organization built around a community of like-minded people for membership-based events that aim to explain the incredible changes that happen with the new technologies entering our economic, political, and cultural spheres.

To learn more about Autonomy2040, register, and make inquiries please visit:

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