Ava Labs set to release Durango Avalanche Warp Messaging to EVM

Avalanche recently announced about bringing the Durango Upgrade to the EVM. The production code [email protected] was shared via an official post.

Ava Labs will activate the upgrade on the mainnet at 11 a.m. on March 6 if it gets sufficient stake support. The network has suggested validators upgrade their nodes before activation. 

Avalanche undertook its AWM (Avalanche Warp Messaging) journey back in December 2022. The network then proposed activating AWM on the Subnet-EVM and C-Chain. The ACP can bring native cross-chain interaction to different EVM chains within the Avalanche ecosystem.

It will also establish a standard for future VMs to interact via AWM. The technology eliminates the need for trust assumptions and middlemen besides the validators of the Primary Network and the Subnets. 

The upgrade also aims to address the common requests developers have been making for a while. Some of these improvements include adding P-Chain native transfers, maintaining smart contract compatibility with Ethereum, adding VM application errors, and enabling subnet ownership transfers. 

Additionally, ACP-41 is proposing to remove the user-mentioned StartTime for stakers. It elevates the P-Chain to initiate a staker’s staking period as soon as the transaction is approved. Doing so reduces the computation load while increasing the network validators’ efficiency.

Avalanche has gained 0.34% value in the past 24 hours since the announcement was made. The coin is trading at $37.53, with a 3% uptick in the market cap. Based on the Avalanche forecast, AVAX can end this year at the $65 mark.

Being the 9th most popular cryptocurrency, Avalanche has a massive user base. That is why the Avalanche community has been keenly following the Durango upgrade. Experts expect Durango to gain the necessary stakeholder support, meaning it will be implemented on March 6 at 11 a.m.

Roxanne Williams

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