Avalanche claims that Web3 Gaming Sucks, but there’s more to it

Avalanche had a bold tagline when it appeared at the Game Developers Conference. It specifically said, Web3 Gaming Sucks. While it sounds terrible to have such a tagline at the top of the counter, the move surprisingly did well for Ava Labs. It managed to catch the attention of those who were yet to discover Web3 gaming and those who were already fascinated by it.

Andrew Cooper, also known as Coop, the Senior Market Manager at Ava Labs, said they were looking to make it their tagline last year but didn’t have enough confidence and wanted to work more on their title. This only makes it safe to assume that Web3 Gaming Sucks without the titles that are backed by them.

A prominent team in the blockchain network had the tagline written across all of its banners, too. Attendees could see it from a different corner of the room.

This year felt right, said Coop before adding that they have come a long way in their community and game development. The team used their booth to showcase every title on a single day. This allowed attendees to explore the best aspects of their games without skipping a beat. Some of the titles that were put up for demonstration are BloodLoop and Providence.

Attendees at the booth set up by Ava Labs also had the advantage of expanding their network and interacting with others. Ava Labs ensured the chat and promotions circled around their games.

The precipitation ideally drives Web3 games based on the fundamental principle of decentralization and NFT. Their gameplay and interface, among other aspects, are neglected, including critical integration with DeFi and P2E mechanisms. The quality of the games was the highlight, as were different aspects of their booth.

Cooper said they were confident with how everything turned out during the event, adding that they may be getting closer to attracting people to their titles who want to play a game just because it is a great game. As for the campaign, Web3 Gaming Sucks, Cooper said that they could pull it off only because they noodled around it for one year.

Overall, Ava Labs believes it delivered a satisfactory performance at the event. While they may not have convinced every gamer, there is still a possibility that more developers and gamers will head toward their platform than before.

Ava Labs, reports claim, had the most important job of having fun at the event, ensuring attendees felt the same vibe. These aims have been achieved, so Ava Labs is now satisfied with them. This objective was based on the idea that gamers want to experience entertainment instead of the technology aspect behind everything.

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