Avalanche clarifies the implications of the Durango network upgrade

Avalanche has shared details about how Durango may impact different aspects of the network. Durango is a proposed update to the Avalanche network, with the launch on the Fuji testnet scheduled to go live on February 13, 2024, Tuesday, at around 11 a.m. ET. The engineering team at Avalanche Labs has already shared the pre-release code for the upgrade. It may affect staking migration, the developer’s responsibility, and Core Stake.

To begin, the responsibility for managing the staking functionality has been assigned to the Avalanche Wallet. With the implementation of Durango, however, that functionality would shortly be discontinued. However, until March of this year, when it is deprecated, the site will remain operational. Upon the release of Durango, the staking functionality of Avalanche Wallet and all subsequent live-derived versions will be removed. This is due to the fact that the new permissionless transaction categories are not supported.

A migration to Core Stake has been recommended. It would be a healthy alternative for validators who are using Fuji. Core Stake remains live with Durango’s launch because it supports the new type of transaction.

As for a developer’s responsibility, it is completely their job to maintain Avalanche JSv1. This pertains to those developers who have forked Avalanche Wallet. The reason for this, again, is that Durango does not support old transaction types.

The publication of the pre-release code for a proposed upgrade to the Avalanche Network dates back to February 2, 2024. It was shared by Patrick O’Grady, who, as per their information, is the VP of Engineering Platform at Ava Labs. The publication of the pre-release code has been hailed as a welcome move into the Avalanche Interoperability Age.

Moving forward, the Avalanche ecosystem has its sights set on understanding how practically Durango impacts the elements of the Avalanche Web Wallet.

However, the Avalanche community is anticipating more than just that. Avalanche has announced that Avalanche Summit will be returning this year. The event is set to take place in October 2024 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The official website offers tickets and applications for participation, sponsorship, and speaking engagements.

Chainlink, Circle, The Graph, Fireblocks, and VNTR Capital are just a few of the companies that have previously backed Avalanche Summit.

Avalanche’s native token, AVAX, is on a bullish wave at the moment. It is up by 0.44% in the last 24 hours, exchanging hands at $34.30 as the article is being drafted. The valuation further reflects a drop of 0.31% and 0.73% in the last 7 and 30 days, respectively. The market cap is up by 0.44% as the 24-hour volume experiences a dip of 2.44%.

Durango, an upgrade to the Avalanche Network, is sure to make certain changes. It only remains to be seen how far it affects different aspects of Avalanche Web Wallet and what it has in store for developers.

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