Avalanche Offers Subnet Support to StepApp

On June 1, StepApp announced its integration with one of the subnets on the AVAX network. With a bespoke network and validator support from the Avalanche ecosystem, the fitness app expects to enhance scalability and user experience. Using FITFI for gas, the subnet will increase the users’ rewards.

Thanks to the crypto boom of 2021, DeFi has found its way into every corner of the current businesses. The Health and Fitness industry is one of the recent additions to the list bringing more innovative ways for people to earn from the crypto ecosystem. StepApp is one such initiative centered on fitness and sustainability and pays users for every step they take in the real world.

Yes, that is true. You can get paid on StepApp by walking and taking care of your health. The idea behind the app is to link productivity with one of the most common activities of our everyday life. Be it your house or outside, you can earn cryptocurrencies for every step registered on StepApp.

StepApp requires the users to fill their wallet with a minimum of 18,000 Step Tokens or 1 Step NFT to participate in this walk-to-earn program. After downloading the app, users need to walk at least 4,000 steps a day for rewards. The data must be synched every day before 2.30 UTC to get BNB rewards. The steps can go as high as 30,000 per day on StepApp.

Things are about to get even more interesting with StepApp joining the AVAX network for a subnet. This custom network would be a great boost for the fitness project to scale in the future. And what is more, the decision to move to AVAX will reflect drastically on gas and performance on StepApp.

The subnets are created to offer a custom hindrance-free atmosphere for up-and-coming projects. As StepApp hopes for a certain surge in users, the subnet will provide the necessary UX and usability functions as needed. Furthermore, having a dedicated network will allow easy bridging from other networks from across the crypto space.

An important feature of AVAX integration Is that StepApp can use FITFI tokens for gas on the subnet. The app can commission validators from Avalanche with access to the 3 Chains, namely P-Chain, X-Chain, and C-Chain. The AVAX subnets are EMV-compatible which might prove handy when the network expands.

StepApp can also accommodate more users and developers to provide the optimal UX possible with this move. An efficient network like Avalanche also falls in line with the sustainability visions of StepApp. With everything being said, one can see that the subnet move could bring StepApp to the top among move-to-earn projects.

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