Avalanche Park x Ed Balloon concert series to be launched

It is slated for the 23rd of February, 2023, when the launching of the Avalanche Park x Ed Balloon concert series will be carried out. The spectacular event will be duly held in Downtown Los Angeles, at the Wisdom LA. This, by itself, happens to be an iconic and fascinating park for art and entertainment with the ability of a 360-degree projection. No tickets will be necessary for this very grand show which will witness great artists such as Ed Balloon, JPEGMAFIA, Clipping, and also Witch Prophet performing. 

Where Avalanche is concerned, it happens to be the quickest and absolutely dependable smart contracts platform globally. The consensus protocol and Subnets that it possesses provide Web3 developers the opportunity to be able to deliver high standards of upgradability solutions. In the case of Ed Balloon, besides being a musician par excellence, he is also extremely famous for the way in which he views music and his manner of production. His actual art lies in his being able to make a medley of electronic, hip-hop, and R&b, and above all, his Run Ed collection. 

So far as Moongate goes, it happens to be engaged in the creation of the underlying technology for the boosting of mass taking on smart tickets and also memberships. With the utilization of their platform, brands and businesses will be in the position of building customized NFT digital assets which get incorporated into real-time operations.

In the case of MynaSwap, it happens to have created a fresh method of collecting, as well as the trading of luxury goods. It also provides the opportunity for collectors to be able to change all of their physical assets to digital twins, like in the case of NFTs. It also possesses the function of being able to verify physical assets with the utilization of high levels of AI technology. 

Ed Balloon, a musician, and NFT artist realized that there is a huge lack of representation of diverse cultures in the Web3 ecosphere. Therefore, he curated this idea so that he can highlight the role of Web3 within the music and entertainment world. Additionally, it can connect fans and make a room for artists to share their thoughts and experiences.

Every entrant will be a recipient of a free Avalanche Park NFT when they enter. This will be opening the doors for a one-of-its-kind exhibition which will also have a raffle set up by MynaSwap, in terms of rare shoes from the stable of Cool Kicks. At a later stage in the series, attendees possessing the Avalanche Park NFT will also get the taste of being able to interact with the performers, besides a lot of other benefits. 


The highlighting factor will be Ed Balloon, who happens to be a musician, along with being an NFT artist, as well as a community builder, who will be behind the entire conceptualization of the event. Siding with him will be JPEGMAFIA, along with Clipping, which happens to be a kind of hip-hop group. There will also be Witch Prophet, who will be overseeing every aspect of the music, including rap, harmonies and hip-hop, and jazz.

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