Avorak AI detects Theta Network price forming bullish divergence on higher time scales

AI systems are adept at detecting patterns and trends not apparent to human traders in financial markets. In recent developments making Theta news, an AI-powered system, Avorak AI has detected a potentially bullish Theta price in 2023. This prediction could indicate a promising trend in the digital asset market, which may interest investors and traders alike. Let’s explore Avorak AI’s implications of this development on the future of Theta Network.

Theta Network (THETA)

Theta Network is a video streaming platform that operates on its decentralized blockchain. The Theta Network’s design enables high-quality, decentralized video streaming to users worldwide. In addition, it provides incentives for users to contribute their unused computing and bandwidth resources to the network. Theta Network has its cryptocurrency, called Theta token (THETA). THETA is used to power the network and incentivize users to fund the network. 

Users can earn THETA by sharing their excess bandwidth and computing resources to relay video streams and help improve the Network’s overall performance. Theta price has been upward, clocking 20 % in the last seven days, and Avorak AI predicts a further uptrend as the coin becomes solid. As such, Theta Network is a promising project within the growing dApps field, and future integration with Avorak AI can make its explosion a reality.

Avorak AI (AVRK)

Avorak AI’s cutting-edge blockchain-powered solution deploys advanced systems that operate on an easy-to-use interface. This revolutionary system allows users to effortlessly interact with the AI platform, enabling a more accessible and inclusive experience for all users regardless of lack of technical knowledge or difficulty in typing. 

Moreover, its content generators facilitate a more human-like output, resulting in robustly intelligent content. The content so generated is plagiarism-free original text and images. The voice-to-text input system of Avorak AI is powered by a natural language processing mechanism, which involves computers understanding and analyzing input to generate customized output according to individual user preferences. This technology allows the AI system to comprehend natural language inputs from users, thus improving the overall user experience.

Avorak AI

Avorak AI has introduced its token, AVRK, which is currently pegged at $0.105 in phase 2 of its initial coin offering (ICO), having risen in value by 75% from the initial phase. As subsequent phases unfold after phase 2 closes on March 23, the value of AVRK will rise by up to 350% at launch after the successful completion of the ICO.

Holders of THETA can also diversify their portfolios by investing in this exciting new project and enjoy using Avorak AI’s trading bot that predicts market behavior for profitable outcomes. Avorak AI looks at the underlying factors affecting a token’s price, such as new projects and technological innovations, to help users decide whether to hold, sell, or buy.

Avorak AI Trade

YouTube and Twitter enthusiasts are providing more information on Avorak AI’s roadmap to being the best AI crypto project this year.


Artificial intelligence (AI) and its ability to analyze vast amounts of data in real-time have revolutionized how we approach complex problems. The cryptocurrency field is no exception to AI’s influence, as Avorak AI sets the bar high by simplifying human-led trading processes and image generation, among others.

Further info on Avorak AI:-


Website: https://avorak.ai

Whitepaper: https://avorak-labs-and-technology.gitbook.io/avorak-a.i-technical-whitepaper/

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