Avorak AI provides startling price projections for Shiba Inu, Polygon, and Deeper Network In 2023

What is in store for Shiba Inu, Polygon, and Deeper Network in 2023? What does 2023 hold for their prices? In the fast-paced world of crypto, digital asset price predictions are crucial for investors looking to make informed decisions. The ability to accurately forecast the direction of prices can mean the difference between profits and losses. That is why making predictions through Avorak AI’s machine learning algorithms provides a better understanding of what the future might hold.

What Is Avorak AI?

Avorak AI is a comprehensive AI platform offering cryptocurrency solutions through bundled products. By incorporating all products into one cohesive system, users can enjoy a seamless and consistent AI utility. What sets Avorak AI apart is its user input system, which utilizes natural language processing technology to understand and analyze human language. With a text or voice-to-text input system, users can interact with Avorak AI naturally. Crypto analysts like Hailey LUNC on Twitter are giving the project positive accolades.

Avorak AI has been making waves in the crypto industry with its ICO, earning positive reviews from influential crypto enthusiasts like Crypto Bape and AlienCrypto. With attractive incentives like 9% on-top bonuses and a CyberScope audited platform, Avorak AI draws more investors during its ICO phase 2, with one AVRK going at $0.105. The platform, powered by the AVRK token, aims to create a decentralized platform that merges blockchain technology, machine learning, and natural language processing to achieve security and efficient price predictions.

Shiba Inu (SHIB)

Shiba Inu gained significant attention in 2021, but its price has been extremely volatile, making it difficult to predict how it will perform in the future. However, Avorak AI suggests that SHIB could continue to gain traction in the crypto market in 2023, particularly with more use cases. It is also possible that SHIB could also experience significant price drops if the crypto market experiences a downturn. 

The launch of Shibaswap, Shiba Inu’s decentralized exchange, could contribute to a potential SHIB price increase in 2023. If Shibaswap gains popularity and adoption, it could increase demand for SHIB and drive its value up. As more merchants adopt SHIB, its demand could spike, leading to a rise in price. However, it is worth noting that the value of the Shiba Inu coin is heavily reliant on speculative sentiment driven by influencers.

Polygon (MATIC)

Polygon (MATIC) saw accelerated growth in 2021 thanks to its scalability and low transaction fees. In 2023, MATIC could continue to perform well as more developers and investors become interested in its technology. However, it is also possible that MATIC’s price could be affected by broader market trends and regulatory changes, particularly if the SEC’s crackdown extends to all cryptocurrencies in general.

Deeper Network (DRN)

Deeper Network (DPR) is a blockchain-based platform that offers decentralized VPN (DPN) and other privacy-focused services. It is still relatively new but has already gained traction in the blockchain community. In 2023, it is possible that DPR could continue to grow and gain more acceptance as concerns about online privacy deepen. However, as with any new project, there is also the possibility that DPR could fail to gain traction or face regulatory hurdles that could impact its growth.


Numerous factors, such as the coin’s popularity, adoption, and anticipated developments, contribute to these price predictions. It is difficult to pinpoint exactly how these cryptocurrencies will perform in 2023 as the cryptocurrency market is notoriously volatile, and prices fluctuate daily. As such, if these projects continue to innovate and integrate AI crypto, it is possible that their values could stabilize or increase over time.

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Whitepaper: https://avorak-labs-and-technology.gitbook.io/avorak-a.i-technical-whitepaper/

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