Avorak AI to begin beta testing later this month, Dogecoin holders excited for trade bots

The Avorak AI beta testing is adding to the hype surrounding the project. With the recent movements in meme coin prices, Dogecoin holders are moving to Avorak’s ICO, possibly because of Avorak’s trade bot.

Is Dogecoin a good investment?

Investing in Dogecoin (DOGE) comes with its own set of considerations. While some individuals have generated substantial profits by timing their DOGE purchases and sales right, what makes a good investment in the current crypto landscape is vastly different. Dogecoin presently lacks substantial real-world utility and falls short of intrinsic value. Its primary value lies in popularity. 

However, relying solely on popularity as a determinant of a cryptocurrency’s worth can be risky. Nonetheless, Dogecoin may experience short-term gains if its popularity soars. But sustainable long-term growth hinges on the network’s ability to make significant advancements in intrinsic value. Therefore, users can still earn from Dogecoin (DOGE) through trading, but the lack of long-term potential makes it a less compelling investment option.

Will Dogecoin go up?

Despite experiencing a significant decline from its all-time high, several factors spark optimism regarding the future of Dogecoin. The development team behind Dogecoin seeks to introduce additional utility for DOGE. Additionally, Dogecoin’s community is dedicated and loyal even when DOGE goes down. 

Furthermore, speculation persists that Elon Musk, a prominent supporter of Dogecoin, may extend his backing by incorporating DOGE on Twitter. The Dogecoin CoreFund, which aims to incentivize developers, has the potential to attract more talented individuals to contribute to the project. This influx of expertise could enable Dogecoin to expand beyond its current role as a basic peer-to-peer payment system. However, the crypto market is highly unpredictable, and whether Dogecoin (DOGE) will go up again remains to be seen.

The Avorak AI beta testing

Avorak is an AI platform on the BNB Smart Chain. The platform is designed to cater to even those who lack technical knowledge. The AI crypto project also aims to gradually develop a comprehensive set of products that will eventually fall under the umbrella of one interactive AI, AVA.

Avorak’s products are first-to-the-market, enabling users to get ahead of the competition. For example, the Avorak Trade bot can automate trades on different exchanges and assets. Users don’t have to be experienced traders as the bot has a non-code command-line input and employs AI algorithms to find the best trades based on market movements and its users’ strategies and preferences. The Avorak Trade bot also offers price predictions with large sets of indicators to back them up. Avorak’s AI trading bot also alerts its users when changes in patterns or trends occur.

Avorak AI Trade

The Avorak beta tests allow its community to assist AVA in deep-field learning exercises, explore user interface controls, and provide feedback to the Avorak dev team. The tests are essential and help build a strong community of AVRK holders. Additionally, they help develop the project, ensuring it fits users’ needs as it strives to become the leading blockchain-powered AI platform.

Avorak’s beta tests will occur before, during, and after their ICO (initial coin offering). Avorak AI is committed to rewarding its ICO investors, and they will receive priority when engaging in Avorak’s beta tests. ICO holders will be able to sign up first in any test cycle, then other members from the community will be invited to participate in the event if unfilled. 

Avorak is in phase 6 of 8 in the ICO, selling AVRK at $0.235 with a 5% bonus on top of other benefits. AVRK is Avorak’s native utility token, and users will require it to access the ecosystem and its AI services. The AVRK token has been predicted to increase in price significantly when released to the open market by many analysts and experienced investors.


The upcoming Avorak AI beta testing has sparked excitement among investors, particularly those interested in utilizing its AI products. With the launch scheduled for later this month, the anticipation grows for the potential benefits and convenience the Avorak Trade bot can offer Dogecoin holders.


For more information on Avorak AI and its ICO:-

Website: https://avorak.ai
Buy AVRK: https://invest.avorak.ai/register

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