Axelar Network launches Axelar Virtual Machine

Axelar Network took to Twitter to announce the launch of the Axelar Virtual Machine. The objective is to boost the widespread adoption of Web3 by enabling developers to architect decentralized applications and deploy them all over the Web3 segment. The Axelar Virtual Machine is based on the mechanism of programmable interoperability to scale the interchain.

When developers come up with a dApp and deploy it on the network, they will see that the functioning is seamless in direct comparison to an app that runs on a single chain.

The two elements majorly involved in the process are chain developers and dApps, acting as providers and consumers of protocols, respectively. Axelar Virtual Machine is powered by Cosmwasm to turn interoperability into a programmable layer, thereby enabling developers to write smart contracts that scale their deployments.

Axelar Virtual Machine comes with two products, namely Interchain Amplifier and Interchain Maestro.

Each product plays its own role throughout the process, with Amplifier leading the charge by connecting to any chain the developer wants. Interchain Amplifier makes the connection easier to work with other decentralized apps without any restrictions. There are a lot of interchain ecosystems that are connected through Amplifier, and efforts are being made to customize the connection based on the security model and other factors.

Interchain Maestro aims to save time and effort by automating all complex tasks associated with the management of multi-chain dApps. The ultimate objective is to simplify the development process across different chains. Maestro automates processes that would otherwise be costly and time-consuming.

Maestro handles departments of multi-chain configuration, management, and coordination. This includes the deployment of dApp on a new chain, followed by upgrades at any time.

The launch of the Axelar Virtual Machine is backed by partners like NEAR, BASE, Celestia, MobileCoin, Centrifuge, Starknet, Shardeum, zkSync, and Stellar. Terming it a journey, interoperability has been the center of focus across the ecosystem for a smoother experience for developers and users.

Axelar Virtual Machine is aligned with the network’s mission, emphasizing the use of the design for streamlining and accelerating connectivity across various heterogeneous systems. Axelar Network already connects more than 30 chains. The recent launch takes that further to strengthen communication among more chains.

While every possible aspect of interchain connectivity has been discussed by major players in the industry, Axelar looks to highlight those sections that have received little attention so far: economics, cost of development, and complexity, among many others. Notably, Axelar Virtual Machine is compatible with all of them at the best possible price.

Plans are in the pipeline to take these efforts forward through a “developer grant program” that will carry a budget of approximately $5 million. Per the announcement, it will be built by leveraging the capacities of the Axelar Virtual Machine to expand the interchain.

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