Axie & Ronin’s week: Big launches & major listings

This week was a series of activities and achievements crucial for Axie Infinity and Ronin, the oracles. This shows how they are developing and adding more features and gears to the system. At the start of the week, Origins Season 8 (S8) Preseason was introduced, which is an approach to the primary season of the league for its fans who want to start a better season. 

This 10-day preseason not only allows players to shake off the rust but also offers the Axie team the time they need to perfect and test any featured changes, so when S8 starts, everyone has had a seamless transition.

On Thursday, the momentum gained several paces with a big announcement from Coinbase, one of the leading global cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Coinbase could now boost the $RON (RONIN) token’s access to 73 million registered users as they could purchase it directly from their Coinbase accounts. This inclusion lets the token gain a wider spread and traceability that more investors might accept. Thus, tokenization intrinsically creates more crypto holders and communities in general.

However, in addition to the listing on Coinbase, a decentralized exchange of the Ronin Network took place on Thursday, introducing the YGG token to Katana. Yield Guild Games (YGG), which concentrates on buying NFTs associated with virtual worlds and blockchain games, celebrated this feat by airdropping tokens to its delegators and those who have delegated their $RON to the YGG Validator as an added incentive. This, thus, brought together investors within the ecosystem.

And to make it even better, that day’s second news was about the coming CyberKongz Rogue Play & Kollect (PnK) game on Ronin. This enhancement is intended to diversify further the gameplay experience and engagement within the Ronin network and extend its utility among users and recreational gamers.

Wrapping up the week, Friday was when the Tournament Alpha for the Guild Leaderboard Season 1 was released. These first rounds are a good way for the players to prove their skills & compete with each other for attractive rewards & probably the whole of Lunacia being under their victorious feet. Planned for three weeks, the leaderboard challenge is meant to set the community ablaze with passion and enthusiasm among loyal followers of Axis.

Based on the week’s achievements, Axie Infinity and Ronin are not playing for the incremental but are breaking new ground for what can be done within their ecosystem. With the help of strategic listings, game introductions, and competitive tournaments, they are gradually improving user experience and engagement, keeping their positions in blockchain and gaming communities. 

As these developments unfold, the question remains: Did they only improve 1% this week? Given the progress achieved, the answer is a definite yes for the future of Axie Infinity and the Ronin blockchain.

Roxanne Williams

Roxanne Williams has recently joined as a market reporter for CryptoNewsZ - the 24/7 crypto news site, where she produces recent stories, technical analysis and price updates on world's leading cryptocurrencies.

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