Axie game introduces the new Axie Gem Store and Origins Shop

Axie recently announced the release of the Axie Gem Store and Origins Shop for players. Now, users can buy special items and consumables in the Origins Shop.

In addition, users can purchase Axie Gems via the App.Axie. Currently, the app supports a handful of cryptos, including RON, AXS, SLP, and USDC. To buy the gems, players must launch the App. To buy the gems, players must launch the App.Axie, and navigate through the gem bundles.

After the purchase is made, the gems will automatically be shared with the player’s Origins account. As for the Origins Shop, players can now access two new starters: Rouge and Noir.

Both axies are available at a price of 500 gems each for a limited time. Due to an upcoming big Axie contest, the price of both axies is expected to double in a few weeks. Both axies are Aqua starters specializing in Bubble Bomb comps and Bubbles.

The Origins Shop also packs the upgrade materials needed to level up the starters quickly. The gacha system has also put appealing cosmetics on offer for players. It includes unseen avatars, stickers, borders, and old fan favorites.

Axie has been updating its ecosystem recently as the game updated its reward system, Fortune Slips, only hours ago. The experimental reward system is already operational and can be accessed through the App.Axie.

Other than this, Axie has also introduced the Origins Vault to scale its operations and make progress. Over 90% of the revenue generated from Gems is being transferred to the vault. The game will deploy these funds to upgrade Origins.

To ensure the value of AXS accrues, the Axie Community Treasury receives 10% of the funds. Given the success Axie has experienced and the buzz surrounding its updates, the game expects an increase in its player base with these features.

With the game hinting at an upcoming competition, the new aqua starters are sure to attract more players.

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