Axie Infinity announces the launch of Axie Experience Points

Axie Infinity recently announced the official launch of AXP (Axie Experience Points). The online game released a post to share information about the points.

The introduction of Axie Levels and AXP marks the initial step toward vertical progression. These additions will enable Axies to move from virtual collectibles to family heirlooms and lifelong friends.

Players can already earn Axie Experience Points by playing Origins. Every ranked battle in the game will consume stamina to grant every winning Axie team 150 AXP. The maximum amount of AXP a player can earn daily is capped at 4500.

Moreover, the points are Axie-bound and cannot be transferred between players. Players must win 30 of their stamina-consuming ranked battles to earn the max AXP. Axie Infinity is working hard to add AXP for as many players as possible.

After reaching 13,310 AXP, a player can ascend through the Axie management page. This will sync the off-chain level on-chain. Players can see it as the save point, and players will be charged AXS in the future.

After a player has reached the max AXP cap, they cannot earn more until reaching ascension. Axie Infinity has placed three ascension points – on levels 9, 19, and 29. Here is an overview of the ascensions:

  • The first ascension – 1 to 10 > 13,310 AXP required 
  • The second ascension – 10 to 20 > 110,480 AXP required 
  • The third ascension – 20 to 30 > 334,170 AXP required

Earning higher Axie levels allows players to get more upgradable parts. Thus, reaching ascension unlocks three things for players: on-chain level syncing, raising players’ level cap, and upgrading parts.

After a player reaches level 30 and 3 ascensions, the Axie can upgrade three body parts to level 2. 

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