Axie Infinity fails to deliver impressive numbers

Axie Infinity was launched in the Apple Store in the middle of May 2023. Sky Mavis, the developer of the game, was hopeful that it would do wonders for them. However, the game has only seen a downfall since the time it came to the market via the said store. This is evident from two factors, namely the number of users leaving the game and the number of wallets disappearing from the platform. Needless to say, this has affected the number of transactions that happen in Axie Infinity.

The purchase of in-game NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, has dropped since the soft launch. Almost 7,000 gamers have joined it despite the game going live in several locations together. This includes Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Vietnam, and Malaysia, among others. In fact, reports claim that the growth is way less than the 7k mark.

A specific reason for the game not doing well since its launch in mid-May is currently not public. There are rumors, yes, but the specific reason is awaited by those who are watching it from outside the community.

A game’s success or failure is majorly attributed to its gameplay, graphics, mechanism, level design, and storyline, if any. Games like Axie Infinity dig a little deeper since they have integrations with NFTs and digital tokens. The failure could be a result of more options available to them in the market. Or, the gameplay simply does not deliver what it committed to the gamers.

Sky Mavis is expected to respond to the media statements at the earliest. It is only then one can get a hold of the reason why Axie Infinity is slipping down the drain.

Mavis had earlier called the launch of Axie Infinity: Origins a major step. The development was estimated to onboard a larger number of gamers and go mainstream. Plus, the company currently relies a lot on the Philippines. That is something that the venture has predicted to bring doom if alternative territories are not looked into.

New regions were supposed to shed some weight in terms of reliance. They have, instead, put some extra burden on them.

CryptoSlam has quoted that the NFT trading on the platform dropped to $1.4 million in May. The previously reported figure was $2.1 million. Making these numbers worse is the record during the Covid-19 pandemic when the number was $700 million. As a matter of fact, the actual number was higher than that mark.

The decline has been confirmed by DappRadar. The researcher has stated that the number of digital wallets has dropped by 19%, approximately, in the last 30 days. The volume of transactions and trading is also down by 30% for the last month.

Axie Infinity has no reason to be hopeful about its numbers for July 2023; however, Sky’s statement could change that provided they come with a revolutionary modification or update.

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