Axie Infinity launches Lunalog

Axie Infinity has announced the launch of Lunalog. It has been defined as a store of information about everything that App.Axie wants to share with its users. For instance, it will help showcase information about the badge leaderboard, Hall of Fame, and axie part/class information.

As of right now, Axie Infinity has launched and made public the first feature of Lunalog. It is called Badge Leaderboard, and it can show who holds the highest number of Mystic Axies. It can be viewed under the Lunalog Tab, which can be navigated in App.Axie. Select the badge leaderboard after the next page is displayed.

The only condition to feature on the leaderboard is that a user must own a badge, irrespective of its type, level, and number. Needless to say, the key to ranking at the top of the board is to have as many badges as possible. The leaderboard is a point-based ranking system to show the achievement of every badge.

All the top collectors can be found on the leaderboard. The launch of Lunalog is being marked with a special contest by Axie Infinity. Participants stand a chance to win a Japanese Axie; however, only the top two winners will be crowned with the reward. Others will have to be satisfied with participation and the thrill of the contest.

Participants are required to like, repost, and bookmark the original post of the announcement; this automatically excludes other posts in the thread. They then have to publish a different post using #lunalog to highlight the highest ranking they have achieved.

Axie Infinity is working to expand the ecosystem further. This is said to be only the beginning, as a lot more is scheduled to come in the future. Having said that, it is important to note that the launch of Lunalog’s badge leaderboard aims to improve user experience by marketing features that are useful to everyone.

As for achieving the milestone, Axie Infinity believes the platform is growing by 1% daily. Moving forward, Axie Infinity is working to launch the Lunalog Catalog. While a lot of details have not been made public, it has been assured to the community that the Lunalog Catalog will be a major upgrade to the present layout of App.Axie. More pieces of information about the Lunalog Catalog are expected to be made public soon.

The development comes after Axie Infinity unveiled Project T, an early prototype of a brand-new game that Sky Mavis is creating. It will empower players to interact with their axies and others while also playing several mini-games as access to a unique experience. Axie Infinity has rolled out early access to Mystic Axie owners, land owners, and Origin Axie owners.

Going by the looks of it, one can assume that Axie Infinity is literally on a spree to bring innovation to the market, with its players at the center of the stage.

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