Axie Infinity rolls out details for Holiday Bash

Axie Infinity has announced that it will be hosting the Axie Infinity Holiday Bash on December 28, 2023, and December 29, 2023. The event entails several activities, including, but not limited to, caroling sessions and gaming sessions. Participants can win collectible and non-collectible axies. Also, during this time, the 0L3K bot will distribute free axies.

Only participants who have registered for the event can access it. It is happening on the Axie Discord in light of celebrations for the holiday season. The Axie Infinity Holiday Bash has been divided into two days.

The first day will see participation open for a caroling session. It will be followed by the Axie Showcase, wherein favorite axies can be demonstrated for a prize. The opening day of the event brings a chance to explore how well the community has evolved and how far it has come since its inception. It is interesting that participants can sing their favorite holiday song in the caroling session.

Special guests are expected to join the Axie Infinity Holiday Bash session. A list has not been made public yet; however, their entry could be marked with a special announcement during celebrations. To reiterate, participants must sign up for the session if they want to put their voices out to the community.

The Second day is dedicated to Axie games. They will run through the day, allowing participants to compete against channel mods and other participants. A request can be submitted to the team, informing them about the game they want to play. The team will then match the participants against a contender. Free axies will also be given out by 0L3K.

The event is based on the success that Axis Infinity has in 2023. It launched Project T & Homeland, brought back Axie Classic, and released Part Evolution. This is only a part of what Axie Infinity has achieved, but it suffices to justify the kind of dedication the team put out during the year.

Hosting events for engagement and a rewarding experience dates back to its inception. The recently concluded Axie Infinity: Classic makes it obvious that hosting events revolve around handsomely rewarding members for participating in the community. The concluding season brought a prize pool of 130,171.90 AXS. Prizes were reserved for 300k players, subject to terms and conditions.

It is only safe to assume that the Axie Infinity Holiday Bash will be a similar experience in terms of engagement, entertainment, and rewards. Both days—December 28 and December 29—on Axie Discord will see participants sing a holiday song, play games, and take home attractive rewards.


A contest against channel mods and other players will be available on the last or second day of the event. The 0L3KKbot will play a crucial role in rewarding the winners. The invitation is available to and for the general public. All interested participants need to do is sign up and show up.

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