Axie Infinity to provide commercial rights to NFTs

Axie Infinity, a well-known blockchain game, offers commercial value to particular NFT owners, providing them with the option of producing and selling certified products. This is in sync with the introduction of an Axie merch outlet.

According to Sky Mavis, specific holders of the games Mystic and Origin Axie NFTs will be allowed to use their digital assets as mascots for developing Axie-oriented enterprises. This comes with 4,877 wallets from a total of 11.9 million Axies, which have been minted and belong to a segment of only 0.04% of all Axies.

The opportunities come with establishing cafes, comic books, restaurants, toy types, and more ventures utilizing the Axie IP. Sky Mavis has plans to boost user-driven content connected with the play-to-earn game.

Sky Mavis will introduce an offline outlet selling branded hoodies, t-shirts, a $300 Axie figurine, and many other products. The collection is based on the initial Axies minted in 2018 in the form of a code.

The customers will be allowed to make payments utilizing cryptocurrencies and fiat. The initial 5,000 purchasers will come in for a free Axie NFT and the option of winning one out of three Mystic Axies.

Enthusiasts in the Philippines who utilize the Grab ride-sharing application can earn points and merch discounts. Crypto buyers can unlock rewards and spend them.

Sky Mavis has committed to put in 20% of merch profits towards the Axie community Treasury. This may be an example for various other platforms and work towards accepting NFTs.

Roxanne Williams

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