Axies Evolution goes Live!

Finally, after a long period of experimentation, axies are now capable of changing. However, there are some restrictions and charges involved. For example, Radiant Spirit Shells and Origin axes will receive the first 10,000 altered axies.

It all began in 2017 and was simply a prosperous circle. Then began the process of multiplication, which has reached gigantic proportions, presently standing at millions of axies. They are a movement with an upward trend, with the latest technologies being implemented. As of date, they are the absolute initial digital collectibles that keep transforming during the course of the game.

In the week gone by, the Garuda Shrine Shop was introduced, as well as certain consumables. The level of axies has been raised to 60 and split into 10 parts; all made possible through participation.

Axis evolution requires specific requirements such as the type and quantity of things, an AXS fee, and an increased level. It is necessary to prepare for change. The next step is to go to Atia’s Flame and select the preferred axie. The AXS offering will then be paid for, and the segments will begin to evolve.

Bringing an offering of materials to Atia’s Flame on App.Axie is the only way to evolve an axie. The first stage of evolution involves 100 materials, with the final stage using 1,013 materials. The right segments, such as the Level 1 Beast section, require 100 Beast Mementos; using 50 Beast Mementos and 50 Plant Mementos will not suffice. The AXS fee is accompanied by a USD value required for axie transformation.

An axie component evolves in 96 hours or four days. This is true for standard, collectible, and Mystic axes. For players that elect to evolve during an Origins Era, a spontaneous evolution is possible.

Radiant Spirit Shells were airdropped into specific wallets, and the earnings came from the Garuda Shrine Shop. Radiant Shells are created when an axie’s spirit becomes trapped in a nugget of Radiant Gold. They are a rare occurrence in Lunacia. Radiant Spirit Shells can be obtained in three ways. The first is ascending a mystic axies, the second is receiving one from the Garuda Shrie Shop, and the third is purchasing one from the App.Axie marketplace.

A competitive spirit is introduced, which is essential for an axie release. Owners of the first 10,000 axies that transform a segment will receive one of every five Origin axies and one of every ten Radiant Spirit Shells.

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