aXpire Completes Integration With Binance Chain, Will Be Available For Trading On Binance DEX

FundTech SaaS company aXpire has announced that it has completed its integration with Binance Chain. This will allow the ERC20 coin AXPR to be traded on Binance DEX, the ecosystem’s decentralized crypto exchange.

In an official blog on Medium, aXpire stated that a portion of the total supply of AXPR tokens was transferred to the Binance Chain via BEP2 protocol, which enables the trading on the decentralized exchange. It further added,

The move towards Binance Chain does not isolate the current AXPR token, in fact, it empowers the ERC20 AXPR token. As a part of the integration, we will operate a cross-blockchain bridge, created by our friends at Fantom, allowing the AXPR token holders to move freely between ERC20 and BEP2 AXPR.

The company further extended its thanks to Binance, for helping it in making the integration seamless, and for the solid backing, Binance DEX will bring for its native token. Holders of the ERC20 AXPR tokens will be able to convert them to the BEP2 AXPR via the bridge created by the integration. The process will begin from July 1, the same day from when AXPR-BNB trade pair will be made active on Binance DEX.

aXpire is a blockchain based SaaS FundTech company, which offers a wide range of products and services. Its flagship product, called Resolvr is extensively used in the Assets Under Management (AUM) hedge fund industry worth over $24 billion.

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