AXS may be turning bullish after 2 years, Avorak also ready to make moves

Axie Infinity gained massive popularity in 2021 due to its blockchain and gaming industry integration. The game’s native token, AXS, has maintained an upward trend in price since its launch over two years ago.

What is Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity is a play-to-earn metaverse game on the Ethereum blockchain. The Pokemon-inspired game uses Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to represent in-game assets such as unique creatures and land.

The game features a virtual world filled with cute digital creatures known as ‘Axies’, the heart of the Axie Infinity game. Axies can be collected, bred, battled, and used to earn rewards they can trade in the Axie marketplace. This enables players to make money while enjoying the game.

What is AXS price behavior?

The price of Axie Infinity Shards (AXS), the native token of Axie Infinity, has been stable since the token’s integration into the Axie ecosystem in November 2020. AXS hit an all-time high of $165 in November 2021, and its price is anticipated to rise more in the next coming years.

The token has managed to maintain an upward trend, and experts are optimistic about it being a good long-term investment. However, according to technical analysis, the token’s price has lagged behind in recent years, giving second thoughts about its long-term overall performance. This could mean that Avorak’s infrastructure could easily outshine the project.

Avorak AI – The three-in-one technology

Avorak AI is a blockchain-powered AI developed exclusively by Avorak Labs that offers individuals and businesses easy-to-use solutions in a secure environment. The project has its native token with the symbol AVRK, which powers the ecosystem’s activities. Avarok AI offers chatbots, image creation tools, and trading bots that can help improve business operations and individual lives using blockchain technology and machine learning algorithms. Users can easily join the project’s infrastructure by purchasing AVRK tokens.

Avorak AI also offers staking rewards for AVRK holders who may decide to trade them for other cryptocurrencies or fiat through cryptocurrency exchanges. Avorak has set aside a percentage of the total supply to primary locked staking pools so that users investing long-term can increase their AVRK holdings and benefit significantly from holding the tokens.

Members of the AVRK community can hold their tokens in three different pools, including Diamond, Platinum, and Gold, each with different rewards and staking duration depending on the package selected and the amount staked in the liquidity pools. 

Avorak Trade utilizes an automated API and can generate a large set of indicators for retail and institutional traders participating in the financial markets. The automated API will use the indicators to make automated trades on behalf of users and alert them of any trends or patterns changes.

Avorak AI Trade

One of Avorak’s most outstanding features is the automated text generator, Avorak Write. This tool uses several combinations to generate information and language styles to fit the users’ needs rather than just scraping information online. The tool ensures that the content generated using Avorak Write is high-quality, unique, and free from plagiarism.

Avorak Write

With the rise in AI and the continuous expansion of the blockchain industry, Avorak could soon grow to become one of the most popular blockchain networks the crypto community has ever seen.


With an ever-growing fanbase, Axie Infinity is one of the top NFT games available today. The developers constantly improve and expand the game to provide players with unique and exclusive experiences. Avorak is likely to follow suit, given it is similar to Axie Infinity in that it offers users of blockchain networks unique solutions.

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