Azbit Exchange Adds 9 More Crypto Assets

Azbit Crypto Exchange announced adding nine more cryptocurrencies to the exchange’s crypto listing, including BDCC (BEP-20 standard), ANI, BNB, KGO, STRON, TYD, BTZ, KIND, and REAP. From 9 PM of April 8, 2021, customers can begin trading using BDCC, BNB, KIND, REAP, ANI, KGO, and BTZ. Customers can also use these cryptocurrency assets to make deposits and withdrawals from April 8 onwards. However, the TYD crypto asset will be available on the Azbit Crypto Exchange for trading, deposits, and withdrawal from 9 PM of April 14. Similarly, support for STRON’s trading, deposit, and withdrawals would begin from 9 PM of April 15 on the Azbit Exchange.

The Bitica ERC-20 (BDDC) token has been changed into BEP-20 to adapt to the Binance Smart Chain. Binance Coin (BNB), Anime token (ANI), Bootzilla (BTZ), Kindcow Finance (KIND), REAPit (REAP), and Kiwigo (KGO) are other popular tokens that would be available on this exchange. TYD is Tesla Yield DeFi which was launched on the BSC network for buying Tesla stocks. STRON is the latest cryptocurrency asset launched in 2021 and is a first-of-a-kind token facilitating research payments. STRON is brought by the TRON blockchain in association with the International Network of Research in Digital Currencies.

Azbit, a blockchain technology-based crypto trading and banking platform, was launched in 2019. The platform offers projects with free coin/token listing. Azbit is equipped with a strong team, a trustable business model, and various exciting prospects. It currently offers up to 97 assets, and its 24-hour trading volume reportedly is $26,373,517. Azbit has extensive partnerships with several organizations, including, Ubex, KMA.BIZ, Bloxy, Bitcoin Cash, FxCash, Coinspeaker, and BMS.

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