Azuki co-founder announces the launch of the Elementals Collection

Zagabond, the Co-Founder of Azuki, has announced the launch of the Elementals Collection. The announcement was made during Follow the Rabbit at Hakkasan Las Vegas on June 23, 2023.

It is a sister collection to the original 10,000 Azuki non-fungible tokens. The sale for Elementals Collection will go live on June 27, 2023, and feature 20,000 total tokens. Making things interesting is the fact that all the participants of the event gained early access while also receiving an airdrop of Elemental.

Moreover, all the holders of Azuki and Beanz were airdropped SBT, also known as Soulbound Token – Elemental Chip. The presale privilege will begin for Azuki holders at 9:00 am PT and for BEANZ holders at 9:10 am PT. The actual sale goes live at 9:20 am PT.

Tokens will be handed over to the participants by following a Dutch Model. The starting price will be 2 ETH with a gradual decline of 0.1 ETH as time goes on. The decline will come in the price at the interval of five minutes. It will continue to move till all 10,000 Elementals are not sold out in the public auction.

While the holders of Azuki and Beanz are gaining early access, they are required to deposit 2 ETH as a mandatory rule to participate in the process. Balance, if any, after the purchase will be given back to them. These tokens cannot be transferred till the time the sale process ends.

Needless to say, tokens priced higher will tend to fall under the umbrella of rarity. The announcement mentions the probability of the same.

This has been identified as one of the most high-profile sales, insisting users first verify the information before executing any transaction or sharing any piece of information, or even creating an account on a similar-looking fraudulent platform. A robust wallet and tight security are crucial for users if they truly want to secure their holdings.

Azuki has said in a tweet that malicious actors may try to cause harm through phishing links and scams. Most of the announcements and pieces of information can be cross-referenced on the official channel of Azuki. This includes Twitter, Discord, and the website.

It is compulsory for participants to first create an account with Azuki before connecting their wallets or enrolling in the sale process. Interested users can directly get started by navigating to the Connect button and then following the instructions about how to get started with Azuki & how to link the wallet.


The development in the NFT event follows the announcement by foobar on Twitter, informing everyone that the minting process will be backed by Delegate. This empowers users to keep their Azukis and Beanz in cold storage to mint without any risk. Users may delegate their vault wallet to a hot wallet before minting.

Head over to the official website of Azuki and enter the sale process as per the applicable time slot.

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