Azuro goes live on Arbitrum

Azuro has announced going live on Arbitrum to leverage its true potential. Specifically speaking, Azuro gets enhanced smart contract capabilities on the table. These include scalability, speed, and privacy features. Also known as people’s L2, the layer 2 solution for Ethereum is expected to continue the image of being the most popular optimistic rollup.

Arbitrum has been chosen by Azuro for its high EVM compatibility and thriving ecosystem that includes predicting market conditions & hosting betting applications. Another benefit that Arbitrum brings to Azuro is its offering of a wide range of tools for developers to make it easier for them to construct a project irrespective of their experience. Meaning the developer’s tools are so easy to easy that new and experienced users can look up to them for bringing a new project to light.

On the other side of the table is Arbitrum, reaping benefits by having Azuro in the ecosystem. Arbitrum will now be able to access its infrastructure and liquidity pools for stronger support to its ecosystem. Marking a new beginning on this line is the launch of the first Azuro pool in USDT.

Arbitrum and Azuro are looking at growth from three different perspectives – building a project, liquidity pool, and the gaming sphere.

Constructing a brand new application with Azuro and Arbitrum together helps users skip having their own liquidity in place. Simultaneously, they are not required to be an expert in the know-how of risk management. Basic information would surely help, but that would be the utmost requirement under the umbrella of Arbitrum and Azuro.

Liquidity Pool is instantly accessible to users. It grants them an overview of thousands of markets for stablecoin yields. Users only have to catch the single-click exposure method, and they are all set.

The gaming segment probably holds the maximum attention for Arbitrum and Azuro. While it is not a secret that the gaming section has done remarkably well for NFTs and digital tokens, experts know that there is still a lot of untapped potential waiting to be explored. Azuro takes those sentiments forward by granting access to applications that are powered by its team. This includes but is not limited to, BetSwirl and bookmakerxyz. It brings a chance for participating players to earn Azure via the Azure Score Program.

Azure has expressed its excitement and assured commitment to support global prediction & betting markets on-chain. The community is equally excited about the development, with most of them congratulating Azure for going live on Arbitrum. Some members have also expressed confidence that the community is indeed becoming vibrant every day, with builders entering the ecosystem in large numbers.

The development follows an announcement by Azuro wherein it highlighted its achievements for May 2023.

Explaining that, in brief, the announcement covered increasing the liquidity for main events, decreasing the margin, and launching combo or parlay bets for its players. This resulted in an explosion in terms of usage, with bets worth $3,200,000 placed by the users.

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