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Azuro launches grants scheme for on-chain prediction apps on Polygon PoS

Azuro launches grants scheme for on-chain prediction apps on Polygon PoS

Azuro will be coming out with an exclusive grants scheme for funding the development of applications with the utilization of Azuro on Polygon PoS. This will include the furthering of on-chain prediction applications targeting sports, as well as entertainment-related projects. 

Added to that, the scheme will be offering financial and technical backing to the connected builders. 

This is being seen as a first step towards fortifying the bond with the Polygon community. 

In the very near future, builders will be provided the option of forwarding their projects for scrutiny. The scheme will entail the allocation of $20,000, coming under two separate segments, one being $2,000 towards adding features to the present applications, and the second, an amount of $4,000 for more complicated features. 

The appraisal of the projects in question will be based on their abilities, about the value-added benefits provided for Azuro and Polygon communities. This will depend on the process adopted for the creation, as well as the technicalities incorporated and the time period for completion. 

Azuro is known to be supporting 28 applications operating on-chain prediction markets, a major number of them having utilized Azuro’s framework on Polygon PoS. 

Polygon PoS is known to be one of the most sought-after networks, responsible for hosting an enormous volume of dApps, along with the processing of over 200 million exclusive addresses. Added to that is the carrying out of 3 million transactions daily and harnessing of $5 billion in the form of assets. 


Azuro, on the other hand, is an on-chain predictions platform consisting of flexible tools, as well as oracle and liquidity services tVM chains, for hosting prediction and gaming applications.

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