BABMI Finance Aims to Facilitate BMB Lending and Derivative Issuance

BAMBI focuses on building a one-stop platform for derivative issuance, staking proxy with cross chaining, asset, and trading management in the realm of DeFi. This, in turn, will provide users risk minimized, decentralized, and revolutionary financial products.

The Potential of the DeFi Market

As the cryptocurrency industry develops, DeFi (or Decentralized Finance) is fast becoming a promising area where the online financial sector is growing rapidly.

DeFi is a system built over a secure blockchain and offers DeFi users an alternative option to the traditional trading and financial institutions. Also, the primary applications of DeFi are run using multiple computer networks instead of a central financial institution.

As such, there are no intermediaries or third parties who have access to the financial data of users. This way, users get more autonomy compared to what they get in traditional banking.

There is excellent potential for DeFi derivative market with the present crypto market expected to grow from the current $210 billion marks to $1.2 trillion.

BAMBI’s Value Proposition

BAMBI offers the smartest method for investing, issuing, and staking derivative assets without limits. All this is made possible through the use of a decentralized secure protocol.

Main Highlights of BAMBI

  • Infinite liquidity
  • Cross-chain interoperability
  • Ideal risk management
  • Decentralized staking pool
  • Limitless derivative issuance
  • Tokenization backed by real assets

Primary Components of BAMBI

  • Synthetic Issuance Backed by Assets: Real-world derivatives and assets with swapping protocol through the use of BAMBI token.
  • P2P Margin and Lending: P2P margin allowances that are community-run. Profits from derivatives are all based upon your borrowing or lending. These are backed by transparent rates and smart contracts.
  • Portfolio Dashboard: You can select your risk profile from all the sectors. You can also allocate across various derivative financial products and sectors while managing your investment portfolio on a real-time basis.

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