BabyDoge Wearables Are Coming Soon for the Metaverse

BabyDoge announced on the 7th of July 2022 on Twitter about its wearables going live in Decentraland for the metaverse. BabyDoge wearables for metaverse will go live on Decentraland on the 18th of July, Monday, and all NFT holders will be allowed to enter the platform to play as BabyDoge. Decentraland users can enjoy the perks of BabyDoge, including auto burn and auto reflection features, locked liquidity, and charity wallets.

Decentraland is the first decentralized metaverse owned, built, and governed by its users. It is the first fully decentralized ecosystem controlled through the DAO that owns a majority of important assets and smart contracts of Decentraland. 

Users can discover several districts, party at events, meet people, and more. Through Decentraland DAO, users can decide and vote on how the world works. Users at Decentraland can explore LANDs owned by them and experience incredible structures and scenes from a Medieval dungeon maze to space adventure to entire villages that the community members develop.

Wearable BabyDoge will soon be available on Decentraland. $BabyDoge, the popular deflationary tokens, will be available to all Decentraland users. All token holders will get a chance to earn additional BabyDoge that will be automatically sent to their crypto by simply holding $BabyDoge coins in their wallets. The community of Decentraland will be allowed to receive additional BabyDoge tokens from the fees generated in each transaction. With $BabyDoge coins, 5% of every transaction is redistributed to the token holders, and another 5% is added to the liquidity pool.


To know more about $BabyDoge and its attractive, exciting features and characters, follow them on their official website and Twitter Account.

Trevor Holman

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