Backstage Will Be NFT Ticketing and Crypto Payment Partner for Caprices Fest

This year’s annual music fest will experience a revolution in terms of crypto. It will be organized through two separate weekends in April by Caprices Fest. The music fest will be backed by the NFT ticketing system and crypto payment of Backstage.

The news was announced by Backstage through its official blog post, highlighting that the partnership is a two-way street serving benefits to both platforms. Crans-Montana, Switzerland, will host the event to mark a major milestone towards the future of event organization.


Caprices Fest is based in the Swiss Alps. The event is organized through the weekend with a musical theme that is directed towards the electronic genre. This year’s event has been scheduled from April 8 to April 10 and from April 15 to April 17.

Crowned as the best electronic music festival, Caprices Fest continues to invest all its efforts in offering a highly enthusiastic experience to its attendees. It emphasizes a lot on the venue as well and mostly organizes the event in a glasshouse situated at 2,200 meters up in the Swiss Alps, Switzerland.

Backstage has neatly developed its two ventures through the BKS token and blockchain ecosystem. Both ventures now assist the firm in powering the crypto revolution in the event sector. Backstage operates with an aim to solve all the problems faced by the event and entertainment sector.

It is backed by a strong global community. The characteristics of its community enable everyone to participate in the process of purchasing tokens and funding the entertainment industry. Through the $BKS token, Backstage wishes to take the entire industry towards a future that is more profitable and sustainable.

Backstage x Caprices Fest

The partnership between Backstage and Caprices Feed is based on benefits that both partners will be able to enjoy. While Backstage will get the opportunity to drive awareness and increase adoption of its ecosystem, Caprices Fest will be able to leverage its NFT-based ticketing system and crypto payment services.

Backstage and Caprices Fest entering into a partnership is a major step towards a better future for the event and entertainment industry. Individually speaking, Backstage will be able to become the mainstream tool in the industry, and Caprices Fest will offer its attendees a souvenir in the form of NFT.

Additionally, Backstage will also venture into the offering of merchandise to all the attendees. This adds many stars to the kind of experience that Caprices Fest commits to offer.

Some more important features that the partnership will offer include a streamlined operation and elimination of counterfeiting tickets.

Prior to the event, Caprices Fest will collaborate with SwissBorg to host Metafest 2022. SwissBorg is a cryptocurrency app that will assist Caprices Fest in organizing an innovative and forward-thinking summit.

The Alps have proved to be a huge market that presents a bundle of opportunities to those who are willing to grab them. The mountain range in Europe generates tourism revenue worth  EURO 50 Billion.

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