Baidu and TRON to Work Together on Cloud Computing Resources

Tron Foundation, the organization behind TRX, revealed that it has partnered with Chinese internet search giant Baidu on cloud computing resources. This move confirms all speculations arising since October 13 of a possible partnership between Tron and Baidu.

Earlier, Justin Sun, the founder of the Tron cryptocurrency, published a statement which said, “Tron is working on a partnership with tens of billions of dollars’ worth industry giant.” No further details were given at that time.

Now it has been officially declared that Tron and Baidu are collaborating to work with large cloud service providers and provide better blockchain solutions. Tron and Baidu hope to make blockchain technology more accessible to users and small businesses and thereby achieve their ultimate goal of mass adoption of the blockchain.

Highlighting the development, local news source ODaily reported that Baidu Cloud and TRON have made an agreement to work jointly in terms of “basic cloud business,” outlining that both firms will look to maximize inter-compatibility and “to build, operate and debug blockchain products,” based on Baidu Cloud.

In its new whitepaper released recently, Baidu said that it hopes to release its so-called “Blockchain Commercialization Super Partner Plan v1.0,” which focuses on tech exploration and revenue sharing with “commercial superpartners,” and is reportedly based on the firm’s “Super Chain” infrastructure. This implies that Baidu will not be using the Tron blockchain for its own purposes but will be working to launch its own blockchain.

This significant move by Tron will ensure a lot of exposure to itself and help achieve its goal of decentralizing the web.

However, reportedly Baidu and TRON are yet to form an agreement or partnership focused on offering blockchain or cryptocurrency services initiated through the TRX currency, and that the current iteration of the deal is primarily cooperation of cloud computing services through TRON’s Main Net.

Ankita Baruah

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